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Your in what two maybe three RPs? I'm in 8 and doing fine.

It's just I'd rather not get so caught up in all this that I start neglecting my homework and other stuff. Besides, I when I join an RP I almost never drop out. I don't want to join too many only to find that I can't keep up with them all.

Well it does go semi slowly but others there will be conversations like PKA and times it will get action intensive.
Name: Morthos
Race: Half Tolrock and Phos
Es Abilities: Elemental and Darkness
Equipment: Bale-fire quarterstaff and assorted gear
Appearance: Demonic; His eyes glow a ruddy orange and a set of ridged horns back from his forehead with burnt red-brown leather-like skin. (looks like a D&D tiefling) Innumerable tattoos and the mark of the Damnatorum cover his body, the later of which he shows with disdainful pride. He wears medium weight leather plate armor. (Hood, cloak etc.)
Backstory: A Damnatorum who has finished his term of service, Morthos really isn't as evil as he looks, just foul-tempered and quick to respond in violence. Whenever asked about what he did, the answer always changes, getting worse with every telling.
Quick question for you guys.

Do you want me to do small posts throughout the day or occasional large posts?
elaborate please
How about both depending on time available to you?
Yeah ... I agree with zarkun ignore my above request.
Poke poke poke...........

I'm probably going to start working on posting the RP. People tend to get a late interest into things....
People have been waiting on this one long enough! XD
Name: Al Kadoya (Codename "Zero")
Race: Human (Abnorme's Mark)
Es Abilities:
"Convince": Though its name makes it seem light convince is a deadly ability. Those weak minded enough (in this case AI soldiers not actual characters) can even be told to kill themselves. For more strong minded people lesser actions can be commanded

"Null": Has the ability to render machines useless. This only works for smaller end machines, larger ones have to be hacked slowly

"Chaos": Al will go berserk, enhancing all his character traits to inhuman levels. This ability is also very taxing, taking much out of the user.

Appearence: He has black hair and blue eyes but he usually wears his costume:
Backstory: abandoned at a young age by his parents Al lives in one of the lavish capitals of the human world. It was a cruel existence as Al saw the rich and powerful as what they truly were...... scum. At the age of 16 he discovered the power he had.... the power of Es. In fact he was classified as an Abnorme and was locked away forever. But you could say with a bit of "convincing" he manages to get free. He despises the world around him and what its become and plans to change it forever. He adopted the code name "Zero" to hide his identity as he causes unrest around the human kingdom.
Other: Al's personal weapons include an antique sword, restored by a blacksmith, and uses his powers to do what he wants. He is usually followed around by a personal guard and doesn't get into combat by himself usually letting his minions do the work for him. He isn't as skilled when it comes to combat and relies on his powers for political power to gain what he wants.
People have been waiting on this one long enough! XD


RP could be possibly up tonight. Depends if I get all my work done early.
Name: Klazik "Apparition" Moria
Race: Phos
Es Abilities: Darkness. In others words, illusions, invisibility, manipulating, and powerful draining life powers, and finally the ability to make one silent. There is also his assortment of elemental (primarily fire) abilities that ties in with his weapons.

Appearence: 6' 1" and slim but fairly muscular to allow powerful and quick drawbacks of his bow. Eyes that glow silver and markings on his hands that symbolize darkness as well as many lines running around his body as well as long black hair.

Backstory: Klazik was orphaned at the age of five, and when people came to take him, he left. His one thing keeping him alive and together was the fact that he wanted to take vengeance, though he did not know it. He showed his Es powers not long after this, using the invisibility of the darkness to assist him in his survival. Deep the alleys of his city he trained his skills in the darkness, as he was bored. He kept this up, his life continuing and his emotions hardening. He was fourteen when he had found his bow, though a little large for him, he was able to train with it, developing his abilities in the elements with, however weak they be. At around sixteen he found his sword, and trained himself to a degree with it. He ended his training at eighteen years since his birth, and took his first life, having tracked down the man who had killed his family and got away with it. Klazik had put a flaming arrow through the man's heart, and silenced him with the shadows. After this he fled his town, but none even knew it was him, they just saw it as an apparition, and this name was adopted by Klazik. Now he stands at the age of twenty-three, and having 'punished' thirty-eight souls since he fled.

Other: Utilizes the bow (appearance: http://shadowdragon22.deviantart.com/art/Frostbane-313991962) and shortsword (appearance: http://longshiparmoury.deviantart.com/art/Sword-of-Peru-162701952) in combat. Is basically a reworked version of Tyson.
NOM! Hurry up would ya? We have been waiting more than long enough! *goes and grumps in a corner while waiting.*

Finally posted the RP.
Name: Ekaterina Morris
Race: Human (Abnormes)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Es Abilities: Light, Emotion
Appearance: http://ravynsheart.deviantart.com/art/OC-Razia-Cheznokov-271926763
>>Height 5’ 7”
>>Skin Pale
Equipment: Travelers Cloak, Curved Dagger
Home: Mountain Community of Algynn.
Backstory: During the time of her birth, she was a normal lass, with the love of her family next to her. but one day that all changed. The government at the time would round up these... Misfits and send them to gather dangerous materials that can poison the blood by just touching it. They found out that she was developing mental abilities, beyond the Es that there was. So they pried her from her parents arms and she never found them again.

Two years later she was thirteen, surviving from sheer luck and caution. When no one was looking, she ran away from her captors... Her foremen. A month later she stumbled upon a pass in the mountains, cuts were everywhere, clothes stained from the blood that had got on them, the blight like land that she traveled through poisoning her blood. She passed out.

Waking up she found herself on a bed beside a warm fireplace, with a bowl of hot soup next to her and a young man and woman. They had found her passed out at the bottom of the pass while gathering herbs vegetation and they brought her up. She now lived with them, they healed her wounds from what they knew and the poison had stopped, to this day she is still trying to find a cure for herself... From healing powers to potions, none of them worked. Every day she wakes up... The strength of her hopes and dreams as a influence upon the poison, ever so making it slow.

Though... later she found out that the government added her to the roster, her name and everything... yet they made the decision to let her stay as she made it to the community that was locked up from the world. But from time to time she is allowed to head to he main city to help gather supplies as long as she stays low... if she doesn't then she'll be either sentenced back to the farm, prison, or death.
I would like to join again, but as a Dragon rather than the human assassin I had last time we did this RP. Just need a partner.
"I would be fine with Morris having one, but Klazik's would need specific specializations, so I would say no for him."
Well, what specifically are you looking for for Klazik?

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