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"Something sharing his qualities of stealth. I cannot think of anything else, but there would be multiple other things. Such as the belief of the punishing the corrupt when all else fails. But overall I also think he'd not like working with others much, so a dragon bound and providing companionship to him would not be something that would be enjoyed."
Alright, nevermind then. The Dragon I had in mind of making would be a bit unique, as it would be stealthy and capable of destructive tendencies at the same time for whatever threatened it and it's master. It would end up learning from its master values that it would use for the rest of its life, even when its partner had passed away,
I could allow you to have two characters in order to do dragon if you can't find a partner.

But, I need to see the sign-up sheet first before I can approve of it.

Jester, I could do another char, what would you be looking for?
I would like to point out that it might be a while both IRL and in RP before ANY dragon other than Salycia hatches. Simply because of the trials the riders have to pass without knowing they are doing a trial.
I would like to point out that it might be a while both IRL and in RP before ANY dragon other than Salycia hatches. Simply because of the trials the riders have to pass without knowing they are doing a trial.

Thank you for pointing that out. Completely forgot about that one detail.
Nothing, really. Just need someone to volunteer to be the partner.

@Nait: Gimme a second, gotta go make it.

Name: Reiulos
Race: Dragon
Es Abilities: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Body, Darkness
Weapons: Teeth, Claws, Tail, Fire Breath
Egg: Simple grey egg with a single eye along the side, on sideways.
Hatched: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100302082813/monsterhunter/images/c/c0/Alatreon.png (Younger has lighter scale color than image, along with being smaller(Duh))
Backstory: An egg saved from the times past, one of the last to be put into safety. The egg came from a breed of Dragons who were known for their immense strength and stealthiness, despite their large size when fully grown, along with their rather humble and easy-going nature when dealing with other races. Reiulos has not fully awakened yet, and hasn't learned the ways of his ancestors, but that time may come.
"I volunteer Ventus as the rider. I think it would be interesting to say the least, especially since Dragons are the greatest hunters and Ventus is a hunter."
If SF wants to be your character's rider, then he has to complete the trials.

But, that's Morph's department, from what I recall.
The trial's are set by each individual Dragon so that responsibility falls to Jester :P
Warhawk or SF. One of you two is up for rider.
"I wouldn't mind it, I do find it interesting, but I'll let Warhawk decides if he wants to take the position instead of me."
NAME: Sulis "Dyrad" Arianrhod
RACE: Phos
age: 24
Gender: female
Es Ablilities.
Life- she can heal and cure people around her at will.
Light- She is able to light the area with a sun like light.
Nature- Passive- One with Nature. Sulis gains power while in natureal areas. When in heavy nature areas she is able to blend in.
Active- She is able to spawn minor plants such as vines and saplings, flowers.
Weapon: English long bow with celtic designs and a celtic war dagger.
Backstory: Sulis started out in a poor farming comunity when a (not the R Virus) vrius hit her home Sulis found out she was a natureal at healing . Even with her skills most of her community died from the disease. Sulis set out on her own at the age of 13 to wander the world trying to heal those who became sick. When she was 16 we came to a small village and fell in love with a young man. She married him a few months before her 18th birthday. He died only three months after their wedding day defending the village from raiders. six months after that Sulis gave birth to a son who was stilborn. She mourned for two years before setting out again to wander the world being the healer she is. Sulis stops back at the village every two years to leave flowers at the grave of her husben and child.
Apearrance: Celtic tatoos on both arms and a japanese cherry tree on her back. She has long green hair and dark blue glowing eyes. She is about 5'5" with a light build. Outside of combat she wears a simple light green and blue stola. Inside of combat she wears simple leather armor.
...eh, right now I don't have an idea for a character that would match. SF, go for it.
War, your character doesn't need to match the dragon.
Fair enough. Give me a bit and I might be able to come up with somebody.
*Facepalm* Read what I post, Warhawk, 'cause I know you aren't.
Yes, I read it. And no, I wasn't planning on having Morthos be a rider... but now that I think about it.. yeah, that could be.. interesting. Why not.

Morthos is now Anguis Marked.
Ok edited my post for my char..

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