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Alright, then. At this point, everyone should be meeting with the king soon, so you better hurry.
Is it to late to join?
Naits not trying to be rude or sound a bit pushy but ... you may wish to promote a sub-DM because of you tendency to get on for a short time do a couple posts then be gone for another day or so. Either promote a sub-DM please or get on more if possible ...
I'm going to get on more since the school year is ending soon, and exams this year aren't difficult. Since my phone doesn't cause any more login problems, I should be able to post even when I don't have my computer with me.

Is it to late to join?
Is it to late to join?

No, it isn't. However, everyone is currently in a meeting with the king. After you make your character, you have to type up your late arrival to the meeting.
Name: Jerry Hugh.
Age: 24
Race: Human
Es Abilities: Controls the Darkness spectrem of the Two Forces but can only manipulate the shadows for invisibility and makes minor illusions. Also is capable from time to time to enhance his reflexes and hearing(Only every third post of mine can he use this.)
Appearance: He is short for most humans standing at only 3 foot tall and has black hair and hazel eyes. He is slender in build but deceptively strong for his size and body build. He has a small scar on his back. He has a small beard and mustache that is kept trim and neat.
Backstory: Jerry was always small for his size but it was only truly apparent once he turned eight years old and stopped growing. Ever since then he was the target for most bullies since he was so short. What most of them didn't expect was for him to be as quick and agile as he is. After several people were sent routing from him people started to leave him alone. After awhile he start discover his connection to Es and how it was what made his faster and more agile. He also found out that he could manipulate the shadows to hide in or make a false image of someone.
When he cam of age he couldn't preform many jobs due to his stature and start to lead a life of crime by picking pocket, picking locks, and breaking into places to 'obtain' items for clients. Eventually he became a renown thief in the underground crime world until he was caught in a set up. One of his regular clients was caught by the guards for extortion and to lessen his sentence he helped them catch Jerry. Long story short Jerry was captured and sentenced to at least ten years in a local prison. he only served five years due to escaping and then pressing the local magistrate with some information that if it had gotten out the towns people would have going into a riotous mob looking for the magistrates blood.
Other: He is armed with a short sword, a repeating crossbow(five round clip takes a few minutes to reload the clip), a dagger. He keeps a length a rope in his pack for what ever his own reason might be. He has thieves tools for picking locks and disabling devices. He also keeps a few different poisons. He wears studded leather armor from neck to toe.
*goes back to when Jerry was born and takes the place of the doctor.* Congratulations! It's a Hobbit. *trollfaces as I hand the baby to the parents.*
LeKroger, your character is accepted.

But, everyone can thank you for giving me a legitimate reason to add Lord of the Ring references.
Eh wanted to roll a short char anyway.
Name: Forodien
Gender: Female
Race: Phos
Es Abilities: Light and Body
Appearence: 5'7, 120 pounds, long black hair, lithe, a tattoo on the right cheek.
Backstory: Born into a Phos family that soon became devastated by the R-virus, Forodien ran fled from home when a large group of infected came. The last of her remaining family stayed behind to fight to the death, but she had no wish to do that. She ran away in a seemingly random direction, living entirely off the land, hunting with her bow.

I'll either start at the temple or the hollow, not sure if one makes more sense than the other.

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