The Reawakened War

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“Wake up…..” You hear the words echo in your mind, but lose the rest of the sentence. At first, you don’t understand them, not comprehending their meaning. “Wake up…… you right now.”

You open your eyes, and see a room. It is a bright white, with a grey ring on the ground around you. You look around, and see those similar to you, individuals in a suit with armor platting attached at various points, some with more armor than others. The voice, coming from a female, comes back to your ear.

“Are you awake? Hang on, trying to improve the connection to your suits at this moment.” After a few seconds, the voice returns to your head, clearer. “Good, you’re awake. Do you remember anything about yourself? You don’t need to say it, but if you want to, you can. For now, I’m trying to get your suit in sync with you again. Just follow my instructions until I can confirm you are set.” A HUD flickers on, then turns off.

“Your suits haven’t been active for a while. They are a bit slow turning back on.” The voice relays, and the HUD comes back on at full power.

“Follow my instructions, and we should have you back into the fight. Believe me, we need all the help we can get." The voice says calmly.
"What do I need to do?" I ask.
IC: "Where where am I and why does my head hurt" Aya asks she couldnt remeber much other then her training and who she was.
Nikku gets up, not speaking to the voice, but stretching his limbs and making sure the individual motors work in the joints.
I rub my head as I slowly sit up, looking around. I notice that several others were also awake, but I focus the voice. "Tell me what to do."
Ardeo looks around. "What in the hell has happened?" He asks, his body pounding with pain. He "What is it that you want?" He blinks many times trying to get a grasp of what had happened.

Collisio shakes her head. She feels, pain. "What is it?" She says, rather groggily.

Quickly Gravitas rises, a wave of nausea going over him, but he ignores it. "What transpired to cause this..." He pauses, looking for the right word. "Pain?"
"Relax, all of you. You are all connected to a single network, and you are all inside your suits. As for the pain, your suits may have suffered some damage in cyro-stasis, but it isn't anything that can't be fixed." The voice relays, and a target appears in the distance, somewhat hazy. It looks like a person, with large, broad shoulders and very well-armored.

"Shoot the target. Where doesn't matter at the moment, I am just calibrating systems right now."
"Will do." Drawing my revolver from it's holster, I line up the sights with it's center mass and pull the trigger, hitting low and to the left of where I aimed, right in the upper right thigh. I frown, but shrug. "How was that?"
I get up stretching and testing my range of motion for a moment before I grab my plasma rifle. I aim for the body of the target and let a few rounds fly only one hits the target and that was a grazing shot at best. I frown and wait for the voice to calibrate the systems.
IC: Aya shoots a round into the targets chest with her .50 sniper
Nikku takes a shot with his pistol, hitting the target square in the shoulder. "Arm shot. No aiming capabilities. Target: Incapacitated unless it has melee weapon. Anyone want to use it as fuel for a campfire?" He said, putting his pistol back on his arm-holster.
OOC: No, he wasn't aiming for the shoulder.
Ardeos reaches for his pistol, and fires at the target, he knew his shotgun was very far reaching. He aims for the head, but hit the stomach, and he curses.

Collisio pulls out her pistol, aims for the location of the heart, and hits.

Gravitas draws his pistol and aims for the shoulder to tear it off, but misses slightly, taking a chunk out of the chest.
Drake groans as he tires to stand, and finally succeeds on his third attempt. He flexes his muscles and gazes around at the others. "You call THAT shooting?" he says, with the air of a professional. "Watch and learn." BLAM! goes goes his sniper rifle, and a gaping hole opens in the... ceiling? "Oh." he says, deflated. "I must have been out for quite a while."
IC: Aya giggles a little bit to herself. "I guess I wasn't out for that long I was able to hit where I was aiming."
The figure dissipates after everyone fires, and the voice is heard again. "Scythe, Ashes. Don't get cocky, as you both will most likely end up like the others that fought in the war with too much pride and arrogance in their hearts." After a few seconds, she speaks again. "There. Try again, should be back to normal." Another target appears.
I lift my rifle to my shoulder and open up ripping the targets torso to shreds. I grin.
Lining up my sights center mass again, I pull the trigger six times; resulting in six bullets going through the same two holes near the target's heart. Nodding in approval, I holster the weapon. "Much better."
Nikku takes his second shot, this time hitting the target in the chest, below the ribs. "Pain to walk with a wound like that." He said, shaking his head, letting his personality flow back in. "What war are you walking about?" Nikku spoke this as he reloaded his pistol and put it on a bench beside him.
IC: Lotus "Aya" aims her gun at the targets heart and fires one round that hits dead on.
Collisio fires, hitting where she aimed, again.

Ardeos aims at the head again, fires, and hits about a centimeter lower than his target location, again he curses.

Gravitas fires at the other shoulder, hitting his target. He smiles and holsters his pistol.

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