The Reawakened War

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"Well, that answered our questions. Move out!" NIkku said, taking a position near the back of the group.
IC: Lotus had passed out in Magneton's arms her breathing was very heavy
"Scythe, move it!" I could only use my revolver right now, and I made sure it was fully loaded, already moving for the stairs to the third level. {Manta, can you hear me? We need to know how much further.}
A garble of static comes over the radio, but a waypoint appears nearby, in the next room. More static is heard, but the waypoint doesn't fade.

[Undisclosed location]
"I repeat, do not go toward the waypoint!" Manta says, but only static would be heard. She knew it without a doubt. She sighs, and switches channels, to someone not in the group that woke up earlier. {Get to the waypoint before they do. Hurry, they are walking into a trap.}
Something didn't seem quite right but I didn't know what. I stop not entirely trusting the waypoint that earlier fizzled and seemed much farther away. "Grinder hang on something doesn't seem right to me."
"Did anyone catch a word? I heard an I." Nikku said, following the group.
I stop, comparing the new one to the old one. "Anyone know how much distance we covered?" I knew that evac may have needed to shift, so that was the thing I could think of.
"Maybe a few hundred meters but not sure. I was pretty good with distances but that cryo messed with my head a bit." I gently set Testament against the wall.
"Hell what are even DOING here?!" Scythe exclaims, growing frustrated. "What are these things? Why are they tryin' to kill us? Nothing makes one bit a sense, if you ask me. We need answers."
"Scythe calm down. Yes we do but first we need to figure out how the hell we can get out of here and although I trust Manta ... Something feels off."
I look at Scythe and shake my head. "We've got our answers. We're all allies, probably brothers and sisters in arms, and they're the enemy. Nothing more, nothing less. For now, that's all we need." I turn to the room and test the door. "Anyone got a way in?"
IC: Lotus wakes just long enough to throw her arms around Magneton. "Don't.... don't leave me again" She says as a fever starts to set in.
The door opens to a large, circular room. The waypoint was in the middle of the room.
Collisio followed behind the others, her face twisted in pain. She was holding onto her left arm, her main arm, tightly, trying to restrict blood loss. The damn thing had cut her. She was moving behind with all haste, but wouldn't be much good in a fight, not now.

Gravitas had taken a blow to the stomach, but it wasn't much, and he would deal with it. His stomach would be bruised at most.

Ardeo had taken a slice across the leg, causing him to limp along behind the others. Repeatedly he would say, "ow."
I blush very thankful for my helmet. "OK." I say demurely trying to calm her down and get her back to sleep.
I take a quick look inside and don't see anyone. "OK now I REALLY don't like whatever is going on."
I shrug, testing my arm and then taking a step. "We ain't got a better idea of where to go."
"May I suggest we take a break and lash down some cover? Evac isn't here, but it may be coming." Nikku said, holstering his staff.
I sigh and look at Magneton. "You stay out here and watch those two OK Magneton?" He nods and stands against the wall next to Testament. I look at Grinder. "What I got a bad feeling about this and I would rather Lotus and Testament not be put in harms way when they can't defend themselves."
IC: Lotus started to shake even more. "No not again...Don't leave me behind" She says with almost pure panic in her voice.
"Hey calm down Lotus I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere." I was getting very concerned.
I walk into the room looking around. I really did not like this at all. I was ready to spring into action.

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