The Reawakened War

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Nikku moves into a corner near the door, only a bit of his armor showing out of the shadow. "I can snipe better from here." He said. The others wouldn't listen to his plan. He knew that he just had to sit and wait for evac.
"Nikku, get out here. In case you hadn't noticed, there's nothing to snipe."
Transport en-route.

A message appears on all the suits.

OCC: Going to bed for the night. Feel free to talk.
I look around, a feeling of unease settling in as the message appears. "That's not right..."
"Fine then." Nikku said, sighing. Why are we posting guards over the wounded then? he thought, but the point was probably moot.
IC: Lotus shaking was starting to get a bit better but she was still panicing in her feverish state.
I note the message but ignore it my attention on Lotus. I hold her firmly to try and give he a sense of security but not enough to constrict movement.
I read the message but my sense of something being wrong only gets worse. I keep looking around and walking. If something happened I wanted to know the area.
OOC: Loggin off.
IC: Lotus quickly pulls off helmet and clips it to the side of her suit. She was extermly pale and sweating a lot. Her eyes were showing panic and were darting around the room. She kept breathing heavly. She threw her arms around Magneton once more. "I don't want to be alone again."
"Erm ... I'm not exactly sure what that means." I really didn't want to take off my helmet but I was thinking about it. I lightly put my arms around Lotus a bit confused on what to do as all of this could just be from the Cryo sickness.
Gravitas stood in the center of the room. Something felt off to him. An evacuation should be taking place outside, for one. As well as the fact that an ambush would be an extremely easy feat here. "This is not right..." He muttered to himself as he pulled out his grenade launcher and flicked it downwards, allowing him to see if it was loaded. He quickly pushed it back up into position, and heard a click, signifying it snapping back into place.
I flick out the cylinder in my revolver, checking each individual chamber than spinning it and flicking it shut, my eyes scanning the room. "Anyone else on edge..."
"Very." I draw my pistol and eject the clip for a second before I slam it back home and put away the pistol.
IC: Lotus wraped her arms around Magneton before falling back to sleep.
Gravitas nodded. "Yes." He hefted up his grenade launcher, bracing it against his shoulder and aiming at the door before he lowered it again. "It just," he paused and shrugged, "isn't right."
"How would evac reach us here? There's no windows or skylights...yeah, not right."
I look around slightly disturbed before returning my attention to Lotus. I support her so she won't fall if she looses her grip while asleep.
"I was thinking the same." Gravitas replied. "There also is no signs of any warp capabilities."
"Yeah.. 's messed up all right." says Scythe, his mind clearly far away.
"How about we NOT stay in the possible death trap room?"

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