The Reawakened War

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The target disappears in a mist, and the voice is heard again. "Good. Don't worry, Ardeos, the stasis modules were supposed to stop skills-fade, but me and you were not so lucky. If you need to, I can set another target out so you can continue practicing." After a few seconds, buzzing is heard in the distance, and a sigh is heard. "Ashes, please improve your situational awareness. You dropped your pistol on the ground. As for the War, our kind is being hunted down ruthlessly by an alliance, and all-the-while, a virus spreads into our home system, creating infested."
I look around at the others, taking stock of the people I'd have to work with. "Might I ask what kind of alliance?"
IC: Lotus stays quite as she heard the part about the virus
"Why the hell were we put in cryo if there is a war going on and some crazy @ss virus killing our home system?" I was a bit angry about that news.
IC: Lotus looked over at who had just talked. "angry willn't help our home.. We need to focus on the task" She says with a sad voice almost like she was about to cry.

OOC: Yes I know it makes her sound weak
"Yes," I agree with Magnetun. "Why were we put into cryostasis?"
I sigh and shake my head and look over to Lotus. "Please don't cry I just got a bit carried away. I really don't like seeing a lady cry." I was sincere and calm again I had to be I didn't know what the hell was going on and calm was the best way to take any news.

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IC: "WHAT I am not about to cry its just the cyro causeing me to tear up is all." Lotus say defenivly. For some reason the news truly sadden her but she didn't know why. She couldn't remeber anything about her home system or why she should feel sad but something was crushing her heart.
"Brother, anger will not save our people, as our Grandmaster proved when the Grey Ones came. Had we remained awake, we would have been hunted down one by one until we were all killed. I am unsure what happened to the Grey Ones after we all went into sleep, but what was left behind was really no better, and they hunt us when they can." The voice explains, and the buzzing is heard, even louder. She speaks again "This may hurt."

Several saws lash out, each one cutting into an arm of those within the suits. "I am sorry, but I need to test the suit's reaction to attacks from others."
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I unleash a feral growl as the saw hits my arm, almost grabbing it and wrenching it out of the wall. "Bloody hell..."
"Whoa ... sorry I didn't mean to offend." I sigh. "Great first woman I talk to in I don't know how long and I probably just made myself seem like a complete jerk." I mutter to myself. I step away from where the saw had appeared. "What the hell?"
Scythe gives a small shout of surpise and pain, but does not move. "There HAD to be a better way of testing the suit's reaction to damage then THAT!" he thundered.
IC: "A little more of a warning would have been nice" Lotus says while checking her arm
Gravitas almost pulled his arm back, but allowed the saw to hit the armor. It took the saw a little bit longer to cut into the armor than the others, but it still got through.

Collisio flinched as the blade hit her arm and she pulled back, not wanting to risk the damage.

Ardeo pulled everything but his arm away as the blade struck it, he had tried to minimize the damage.
There was no mark of the saw's attack and no sign of damage on the suits. Another sigh is heard, and the voice speaks up again. "There was better options, but all of the rest of them involved a ballistics-based weapon or being stabbed/sliced." The ring on the ground fades away, and she speaks again "Move around, get a feel for your own suit. I will set a waypoint when it is time to return for melee calibration."

OCC: Going to bed, almost out cold. Will continue with melee and possibly get you guys out of stasis tomorrow.
Taking a tentative step, I wobble slightly before my balance finds itself. "That's more like it." Walking around, I quickly get used to my armor before a thought occurs to me based on what had been said by the voice. "Does...anyone else not remember anything?"
Scythe, taking advantage of the small break, walks over to Lotus. "How are you doing, sugar? Did you sleep tight?" he says with a wink.
OOC: How would you act if you had been out for possibly years and you saw your first few females?
"Except my name and how to fight ... I'm drawing a pretty damn big blank." I say walking around getting used to my armor quickly.

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