The Reawakened War

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The roof creaks and begins to open up like a flower. The sound of thrusters was heard as a ship hovers over the spot, lowering down toward the bottom of the platform. It seemed to be evac, but as the ship lowers down, the trap springs, and forty drones drop down, turning their heads toward the group.

In the other room, the sound of rapid clanking is heard as drones begin to storm into the third floor.
"Well," Scythe says sadly, slowly turning to face the others. "This is it, guys. Sorry I was such an complete @ss to most a you over the few short hours we've been awake."
"Quit your cryin', we ain't dead yet!" I pull up my bow and pull back with the EMP tip releasing it and jumping behind one of the few crates in the room. "Get behind something, we'll all be without shields!"
A drone catches the arrow and shoots it, disabling it. Several blasts lash out at the crate, throwing it into Grinder and knocking him over.
"Oof!" I hit the ground, the crate on top of me, but have little issue throwing it off and stand up, facing the bots. "Someone help Magneton protect the wounded."
"Well then what's the master plan, chief? Honestly I don't see how we can hope to survive this many bots, seeing as about a third of our group was significantly injured fighting THREE."
"We hold and hope we get reinforcements. Go cover, Magneton, Scythe."
Four bots leap forward, surrounding around Grinder. Three leap forward toward Scythe, and the rest of them begin a slow march toward Magneton.

Unbeknownst to all of them, something was approaching, something which caused the air to drop in temperature.
I draw my claymore, facing the first of the bots. "Ach, it'll take more than that to bring down me, ya wee ninnies."
Magneton, Lotus and Testament weren't inside the room last time I checked ... meh what ever ...

I fire several explosive arrows at the bots headed after Magneton.
Three of the bots turn and shoot the arrows down. The bots turn and spread out, engaging everyone in the room.

In the previous room, several bots round the corner and start charging toward Magneton.
There are bots on the walkway too, Morph.
true ... gonna put both my chars on auto for abit

I quickly put Lotus against the wall and step between the girls and the bots drawing my rifle.

I put my bow away and draw my pistol and a hidden blade flipping it so it is usable as a normal dagger. I engage a bot.
Scythe rolls out of the way of the leaping Drones, whips out his Excecutioner pistol, and begins firing near point blank into the nearest bot's head.
The bots leap forward again, returning fire on Scythe and closing the gap.

A trio of bots rush forward to engage Stalker in melee combat, helping the bot that she was currently engaging. They open fire on Stalker, with the one she is engaging lashing out with its leg.

The bots open fire toward them, moving forward slowly.

A bot lashes out with its leg at Grinder's torso.
I back flip over the leg, landing and striking out in a counter attack with my sword.
Scythe backs away, emptying his clip into the SOB's. Not stopping to reload, he pulls out his, long, slender sniper rifle and begins using it as a melee weapon to fend off attacks.

OOC: Permission to use my bone blades? (Please?) lol
A bot catches Grinder in the back with a kick just as his sword bounces off the shielding of the other bot.

The shield shatters on the bot just as another comes and kicks out at him.
"Oomph!" Dropping to a knee, I spin around, revolver in hand, and empty all six .45 caliber rounds into it, followed by a slice from my claymore.
Dodging the kick, Scythe leaps backward and brings the high-powered rifle to bear, firing at the bot with depleted shields at close range

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