The Reawakened War

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The shields absorb the rounds and the bot kicks the blade away. It fires at Grinder while the other two close in to attack Grinder.

The unshielded bot falls to the ground, struggling to get up again. The others open fire at close range.
I duck the rounds, letting them hit it's buddy behind me and spin in place, ramming my claymore where the heart would be on the bot without shields and cutting up.
The rounds hit the wall, as there is none behind him. The bot he attacks side-steps the blade, then steps on it, forcing it to the ground as it fires on him again.
I bring the hidden blade at the leg of the one that tried to kick me moving up close and firing my pistol into it a couple times.

I open fire to keep the attention on myself. I could feel that most of us are going to be needing some help after this.
Jester, can our back up show up already?

IC: Letting go of the hilt, I side step the round and slam my shoulder into the bot, freeing my sword.

The shoulder barge fails as the bot weights more than him. A kick to the back knocks Grinder away from the bot and causing him to fall. It takes a step, clamping down both of Grinder's arms and keeping him pinned.

The shield absorbs the pistol rounds and knife. It round-house kicks Stalker.

The bots return fire, several rounds missing but enough hitting Magneton to kill the shields and cause damage to armor.

[Beyond the hole in the ceiling]
"Damn it. We're late." A female voice says, a slight accent in her voice. A male voice replies "Fine by me. I'll go down first."
I duck the kick, just barely, and press closer the the bot striking with my knife again as I put my pistol away and bring out my other hidden blade.

I look around to find some cover but keep up my spray of fire focusing it on the middle bot.
IC: Lotus was where Magneton had left her. She was still knocked out.
Scythe's shields flicker, and then die as the robots' projectiles scar his armor. He continues firing his rifle at the other two advancing drones, accidentally backing into a corner. "$#!#" he mutters, still firing.
[Trap Room]
A shadow appears over a bot near Grinder's position. The bot, oblivious to the incoming attack, charges a round to fire on Grinder, aiming to disable or kill him. Before it could fire, however, something lands on the bot, a tan-colored blur smashing into the bot and crushing it. The blur reveals itself to be a massive suit of armor with three horns sticking out of its head.

The individual charges toward the bot pinning down Grinder. It fires at the suit, turning and kicking at it. The person in the suit grabs the leg of the bot, and, in a feat of brute force, rips the leg off and tosses it at another bot. The person turns around and draws a Bolt Rifle, firing on the drones with the precision of a surgeon. All of the bots inside the room realize the threat of the person, and zero in toward him.

As they open fire, a barrier of ice appears, blocking the shots. Another suit drops down in the midst of the bots, and with a gesture, unleashes spikes in several directions, freezing several drones as the person draws dual axes, lashing out in a whirlwind of slashes, shattering frozen bots as the ice barrier drops, letting the other person through.

The tan suit rushes forward, drawing two staves and swinging them at the first bot. An electric discharge hits the bots, draining their shields as the two start to butcher the bots with little effort.

[Walkway Room]
A puff of black smoke appears in the room, third story and right in the center of the room, in the air. A black-armored individual, with horn in the center of its head, jumps and lands on the third story. It draws a blade, and rushes toward the bots, producing an electric field as it slams into the first line of the bots, draining shields and slicing into the first bot, cutting its leg off.
I sit up, rubbing my shoulders and watch the pair. Then I remember the others. "Hey, check on the wounded, Scythe, make sure things are alright out there." Standing up, I grab my claymore and turn to one of the remaining bots. "Let's help clean house." I leap forward, swinging with all my might.
I sigh and put my rifle away not wanting to hit what seemed to be an ally. I draw my Katana and head towards the bots.

I look at the two new fighters realizing they were on our side and probably part of our squad yet they had their modules. "Oh that is so unfair." I say as I engage another bot.
"Okay." I say to Grinder, running over to Lotus, Nikku, and Testament. "You guys holding up?
IC: Lotus was still out cold and breathing heavier
[Trap Room]
The group cleans up the rest of the bots quickly, with the new allies scything through the bots with little difficulty. As the bots are killed, the white suit moves away toward one of the walls while the tan suit walks over to Lotus, kneeling down next to her.

[Walkway Room]
The black-armored suit swings with the frenzy of a bezerker, hitting the bots with multiple blows. It dashes forward, swinging its blade, killing several bots with the one dash.
And of course, Testament was still knocked out and the metal near her was becoming weak and brittle.
IC: Everyonce in awhile Lotus's eyes would flutter open for a few seconds before closing again. She was still shaking and sweating while her breath sounded more like rasps then breathing.
I come up at a light jog and cut down a bot that had it's back turned to me. "Well damn looks like you could handle this whole bunch of bots on your own." I say moving to the next.
I look at the pair, scratching my helmet's chin. "Mind sharing who you are?"
OOC: Had to stay after class. Sorry.
Nikku stood by the back, occasionally shooting near the melee, knowing he couldn't get into it without hurting both combatants. "Watch yourselves, we have on injured back here. Don't let her breath on you." He said, leaning on his sniper.

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