The Reawakened War

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The white suit person gives no response, having disappeared into another room. The tan suit person also says nothing, but pulls something off his back, something with a cross on it. The person stands up, and looks at Grinder. "Where is the rest of your team?" He asks, his voice sounding like a growl

The last of the bots are killed off. The black-armored individual turns, looking for something. It turns toward Magneton, and takes a combat stance.
I quickly put away my Katana. "Whoa I'm on your side. I think anyway. Thanks for dealing with these damn things."

I leave the room for a moment my hidden blades put away. I come back a moment later with Testament in my arms.
"We only have two wounded. Are there supposed to be more?" Nikku said, coming out of the shadows. "Grinder, in the black and red armor, is our appointed leader. I am the self-appointed tactician." He pointed out, hoping to resemble some form of acceptable squad-form.
"We're all in here, two and a half wounded, me being the half. I can still use my arm."

OOC: SF is on auto.
"No your not Nikku." I call out as I set Testament against a destroyed pillar. "Yes Grinder is the unofficial Squad leader but you are most definitively NOT the tactician."
"Self appointed." Nikku said quietly, hoping that the rescue team was friendly.
The tan suited person stands up, and says "Someone see to her. One of your members is not here. Cicle will show up when the hanger is secured."

The black-armored individual starts charging toward Magneton, an electric field appearing as the person charges.
"We have all our members, except possibly Lotus. She is outside, unless someone got her in here." Nikku said, pointing to the door they came through.
Cap ... you are derping severely only one NOT there is Magneton

My eyes go wide and I move to get out of the way not interested in being on the receiving end of a beat down from this person.
"You have crappy situational awareness you realize that right? Magneton is the only one not in here but he was over with someone in a black suit and a lot of dead bots."
The individual stops, pivoting on the spot, lashing out at lightning speed with their sword.

[Trap Room]
"Black armor?" The man asks, a note of curiosity and panic in his voice. "Describe it, quickly, or did you not see it?"
I draw my katana while trying to get out of the swords range. "Seriously what is your problem?"
"I'll go get him." I walk toward the door, sheathing my sword as I go.
The individual lashes out again, dashing forward with one long slash, the same slash used to kill many of the bots.
"Great this is gonna hurt later." I say as I duck down and then go into a roll at the person's feet disengaging my helmet in the same movement.
OOC: If she is still in the place where we left the wounded, as the text implies, then she is not in the completely separate room where we are in. My view of the subject. Also, humans make mistakes. Nikku can be prone to them.
The dash hits Magneton, shattering his shields and breaking an arm due to him getting hit by the hilt of the blade.
[Trap Room]
Getting no response, the tan-armored man walks over to the next room, melee weapons in hand.
I reach the door and glance back, noting the guy in tan armor holding his weapons. "Are...those really necessary?"
I already told Jester about that and his reply was the following 'Mammoth is a tank rooms don't matter.' makes no sense to me but whatever ...

I come up from the roll holding my left arm against my chest. My helmet had continued across the floor a few feet. "God damn it. Are you !@#$ing crazy?" I ask getting to my feet and backing away from the person as fast as I dared.
[Trap Room, Door]
"Considering the bots earlier? Along with that, if this is the same black-armored individual I think it is, then we will need weapons." He says, then walks out. He turns toward Magneton, and spots him, and the black-armored one with his weapon drawn, moving toward Magneton. "HARPY!" He yells, charging forward toward the individual, who turns toward him, shifting to a defensive stance.

OCC: That comment was meant as a joke. I knew that they were in a different room, but forgot about it earlier.
I lean out and peek around the corner before moving quickly to Magneton and moving him towards the room. "So...any particular reason Harpy was trying to kill you?"

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