The Reawakened War

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I look at the new person horror crossing my face for a moment before I realized this one wasn't going to try and kill me. I keep back pedaling kicking my helmet behind me a couple times. I stop as Grinder comes up. "Not that I know of except I was there when we finished killing all those bots. She did most of the work though." I look at my arm and touch it tentatively wincing slightly. I start towards the room again with Grinder helping as I remember my helmet. "Would you get my helmet please?"
I pick up Magneton's helmet and clip it to his belt before pulling him into the room. "Right, well, let's not be in the same room as her next time, agreed?"
"Yeah very much so. Thanks for getting my helmet." I go sit next to Lotus. My arm hurt like hell and although I had gotten my !@# kicked I wasn't really mad except for the fact I now had a broken arm.
"Say, do you know Manta? She left us." NIkku said, waving to the figure.
Noting the medkit by Lotus, I grab it and start working on splinting Magneton's arm. "How'd this happen?"
"Thought we was screwed. We're lucky those guys showed up when they did.. whoever they are." Scythe says.
I keep my arm as still as possible. "I was trying to bowl Harpy over. Didn't really work and she has a bloody electrified sword the hilt of which broke my arm. It was like my armor wasn't even there."
IC: Lotus eyes opened for a moment as she reached towards Magneton. She got halfway before passing out again. Her breathing was starting to sound worst.
I wince at the mention of that, finishing the splint and starting on a sling. "Well, that's unpleasant. Why'd she turn on you?"
I look at Lotus and frown. I gently use my uninjured arm to pull her up to my side. "Hang on Lotus." I say leaving my arm draped over her. I refrain from shrugging. "Dunno. All I did was thank her for killing the bots."
I frown at that, finishing the sling and closing up the medkit. "Odd....Also, why'd he call you guys my squad? Sure I took point, but that's about it..."
IC: Lotus' head leans onto Magneton's shoulder.
I almost shrug but stop myself. "Not sure perhaps you were the squad leader before our 'little' nap in Cryo." I said little sarcastically.
"Hope that's the case, otherwise I'll be confused as all get out for days at a time."
Gravitas had taken several small and not very deep gouges in his armor, but it had not slowed him down the least. He had been assaulted by a few of the bots, but also needed to stop them from attacking Collisio, as she was incapable of defending herself, causing the damage to his armor. He grunted as the tanned armor being had saved their @sses. Then when he referred to Grinder as the team leader, Gravitas felt slightly, uncomfortable. He did not view himself as an underling.

Collisio had backed away, until she had reached a wall when the bots had approached her. One was about to strike her when it was shoulder-checked by the large man, putting it off balance and not striking her. When the tan-armoured man had come in she felt a need to try to cower further, as he seemed greater in strength than even the man 'Gravitas' that had taken the hit for her.

Ardeo was somehow completely ignored by the bots, maybe because he looked like a half awake retard. He was surprisingly amused by the thought. He was also surprisingly relieved when Grinder was seen as the team leader.

"...Stupid computer..."
I smile and chuckle. "Hopefully, your actually pretty good. So is Stalker she may have been your second but I'm not sure."

I walk over to Grinder, Lotus and Magneton. "Everyone OK over here?"
"Who says we even knew each other before we was cryo'd?" Scythe pipes up. "Maybe we was just... random, gifted soldiers."
OOc: I am going camping for the weekend, and apologize. Will be back day after tomorrow
I glance at Stalker as I stand up. "Harpy, one of the three that bailed us out of the fire, attacked Magneton, broke his arm. Then there's my right arm from the explosive earlier, but that's about it. Testament and Lotus are still down."
"Collisio took a slash across her shoulder, she can't really fight right now. She's hiding behind others like a b!tch with her tail between her legs." Ardeo says.

"At least I didn't escape them by looking like a f*cking retard." Collisio retorts.

Gravitas sighs as the two keep on arguing and shakes his head. Sheathing his mace he walks over to Grinder. "If you truly are the team captain, you better calm down those with conflicts and try to resolve them." He walks away from Grinder, tempted to grab the two arguing by the throats and throw them across the room.

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