The Reawakened War

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Shaking my head, I approach the two, drawing my revolver, and fire a shot straight up, silencing the two as I stand between them. "You both avoided getting involved in the fight. You're alive. HOW you went about it shouldn't matter. Ardeo, you seem to think you need to pick fights. Not necessary in the least, and I can promise it'll get you killed one of these days, especially if you pick them with women, which only makes you seem weak. Collisio, ignore him. He bugs you and he knows it, so don't react."
"Well, actually, I just was pointing something out that you forgot and she insulted me. She was the provoker." Ardeo replies. his hands hanging loosely by his hips, and his shotgun's decorative lining briefly shining orange.

"If he ever does something like that again while I am in a battle ready state I will hurt him greatly." Collisio replies, her voice on the edge of a hiss.
I raise an eyebrow at Ardeo as my helmet lowers, my black eyes cutting to his soul. "You calling her a b!tch with her tail between her legs didn't provoke her? You're either ignorant or stupid, or a bit of both." I then turn to Collisio, taking her tone into account as I spoke. "You will not hurt him, period. We need all the help we can get, which means you need to stop and use that brain box of yours."
"I was just referencing how dogs flee with their tails behind their legs. Because she's female I used b!tch." Ardeo says with a shrug. "Anyways, it wasn't directed towards her. It was about her, but not directed at her. Also, I am not idiot."

Collisio sighs. "Fine. I won't hurt him, no matter how much I want to."
"Then use your head sometime, Ardeo." Shaking my head, I nod in thanks to Collisio and go back over to Stalker. "Ardeo and Collisio are wounded too. All in all, four and a half wounded."
I nod having listened to the whole thing even though I seemed to have been preoccupied. "We could have some problems if we get attacked by drones again."

"You may want to make that five or maybe five and a half. Not sure if I want to be in combat with a broken arm."
"Right, five and a half then." Taking a mental count, I realize that Stalker's right. "Great...least we have these three, even if Harpy is a bit off her rocker."
"Yeah that is a bonus though they are all busy with something right now." I was a bit fidgety as I pop my blades out and then back in a few times.
"Wonder where the white armored person went."
I nod looking in the direction I had seen him/her go. I hadn't gotten a good enough look to see if it was male or female.
The white-armored person returns to the Trap-room. She waves to Stalker, the radio turns on, and she radios says {Hanger is clear. Get your squad on-board.} She continues moving toward the Walkway Room.

The sounds of combat had ended with the sound of some type of explosive going off.
*facepalm* jester everyone is in the trap-room.
{Roger that.} Helping Magneton up and slinging Lotus in a fireman's carry, I turn to the others. "Those who are least wounded help the unconscious and then everyone get to the hangar." I move down the hall, heading for the hangar.
I pick up Testament before following Grinder, Magneton a head of me.
Gravitas moves to grab Testament when he sees her breath. He hesitates, and Stalker grabs her instead. He sighs and follows behind Stalker and Grinder.

Collisio runs after everyone who was leaving, stilling gripping onto her arm.

Ardeo limps behind everyone else, every two steps letting out an "ow".
The tan-armored male enters the Trap-Room, and nods to the white-armored female.
"Anything interesting happen?" The female asks. The male grunts, and they both begin walking toward the Hanger. "Yeah, Harpy came for a visit. She tried to kill one of them, but he managed to get away while I drew her attention." The female tilts her head, and says "I still feel bad for her, though." The male nods, and says "We all do. All we can hope is that we'll be able to recover her prototype suit when she is defeated, otherwise, our enemies will recover it. I shudder to think what might happen."
Reaching the hangar, I step to one side, waving everyone in. "Let's go, let's go, come on! Move it ladies!"
I give Grinder a small glare as I enter the hangar but don't let it last long.

I shake my head at Grinders statement entering the hangar and veering to the side.
IC: Lotus started to cough while Grinder was carring her. She groans a bit in her feverish sleep.
(DM Note: Everyone has arrived at the Hanger.)

The tan-armored individual turns toward Grinder, and says "Everyone loaded up?" He turns his attention to Lotus, and he growls. He turns toward the white-armored female, and says "Cicle, hand me your medkit. Apparently, no one decided to help her."
Cicle nods and hands the tan-armored man the medkit. He takes it and says "Put her down."

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