The Reawakened War

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I nod, laying Lotus down and looking at the tan armored individual. "I would have done something had I known what to do."
The man kneels down next to Lotus, and turns on the radio. {Manta, can you help me any here...?} He opens the medkit, and starts scrounging around.
{She is suffering from what appears to be an allergic reaction. Anti-histamines will work.} Manta replies. Cicle walks off toward the drop-ship, boarding it. The man pulls out a needle, and loads it with the anti-histamine. He moves the needle to an injector port, and injects the contents into Lotus's blood-stream. He gets rid of the needle in a bio-hazard disposal, and seals the kit up. He puts the kit on his back, and lifts Lotus up, putting her over his shoulder, before moving toward the Drop-ship himself.
Shaking my head and mentally chewing myself out, I walk onto the drop ship and take a seat.
I jerked up almost screaming in sudden pain. Looking around I noticed I was on something... Not exactly the floor but not really a seat either. I saw... That's when the panic sunk in and I covered my mouth with my one hand. Occupied with that and nothing else.
"Whoa welcome back Testament." I say looking to her.
IC: Lotus breathing starts to sound normal along with her fever going down. She would need rest but would now make it.
"Testament! You alright, miss?" Scythe asks
Scythe sounded as if he missed me. Those thoughts were like an abyss as I shrugged them off. Then again... I did cough up blood and pass out. "I'm fine!" I snap too suddenly, realizing my slight anger. "I'm sorry. Now get away from me so I don't kill you. That goes for you as well... Stalker."
I chuckle and shake my head. "Shielding keeps the acid on your breath away. Found that out as I carried you."
I snarled this time, trying to make my point. "Your bare flesh wont be protected by it. Once that suit is off. You are dead pretty much. Once I get close... Don't you see... I was never meant to have friends or lovers. I'm a freak with a suit and my only job is to kill I think. What else do I do... What else do I do!'
"First, you can stop whining about it, and try to find a way to fix it." Cicle says, strapping into her seat. The male straps Lotus in, and walks over to the front of the ship, and says "All good. Lets go." He turns and goes back to a open seat, strapping himself in.

The drop-ship rumbles, and flies out of the hanger into space.
Looking down the row at the other two, I speak up. "So...are we all that's left?"
IC: Lotus reaches over to Magneton's good arm and rests her head on it. Lotus was pretty much in bad shape now but would recover. She would need to rest in medbay when they got where they were going.
"Yes and no. Yes for this facility, for your team was the only one we managed to rescue in time, and no, there are other facilities along with yours." The male replies, and Cicle looks at the wall.
I nod and sit back, thinking back to the drones. "What about those drones? Why did they attack us?"
"They are part of a mega-corporation attempting to recover the technology on our suits, which is still thousands of years ahead of their research divisions." The male replies
I nod, then finally sigh. "Alright, now names. I'm sure you already know mine."
I shake my head. "You cope and enjoy what you can about life. I'd like to be your friend but if you don't want any ... its your loss." I say scooting over a seat.
"Mammoth." The male says, then gestures over to the white-armored female. "Cicle." Cicle nods absentmindedly, still staring at the wall of the ship.
"Grinder. Why...why do you guys keep calling them my team? I'm still fairly fresh out of the freezer, so I'm not really sure..."

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