The Reawakened War

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I look away from my sword and at the man who had addressed me. "That depends. What are you thinking about doing?"
"I am just wondering if you do. You do seem to hold a pretty good hate for such an innocent guy." Ardeo replies.
I let out a guttural laugh, hazy memories of battles past coming to mind as I give a couple test swings before sheathing the sword again. "Innocent isn't something I'd call myself, but I do seem to hate something. Wish I could remember what."
"You look like your fine to me." I mentally facepalm but don't try to correct myself. I lean against a wall and look at the others. "Well we sure are a motley bunch aren't we?"
IC: Lotus lets out a quick soft giggle. "Maybe I spoke too soon on the manner part."

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"Oh, no. I wasn't talking about you, pal. I was talking about the Scythe fellow. You seem to hold a pretty good hate for him, but he seems quite pleasant so far." Ardeo answers.
"Hells yeah!" I say with a smile. "The question is, are you guys ready to fight."
I shrug, leaning against the wall and looking over the group before returning my gaze to the guy in front of me. "Hate? Nah, just can't help he was standing in front of a good target."
Ashes picks up his pistol, and dodges the blades.
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Backing into a corner, Nikku feels the walls for panels, then sits back. "Bit brutal to test out new recruits like that. Although, Being the last agents of our race does lend us some... informalities with our trainer." He said.
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I shake my head at Ashes, chuckling to myself. "We aren't recruits, Ashes. We've seen our share of war. Search your head, you'll remember a little."
"Sorry, I sort of hoped you wouldn't catch that." I sigh again as I set my rifle against the wall and draw my pistol. I check it and put it away. "Honestly though you are quite pretty and I hope I'm not making myself seem like a complete @ss." I sort of hang my head but make sure to keep my vision focused on my feet.
"Too late." I say to the man now talking to Lotus as I walk past. He's quite the silver-tongue, i think to myself. Bet he's not thinking about anything BUT tongues. while trying to ignore the small pangs of jealousy- and even smaller pangs of admiration.
I shake my head and ignore Scythe. I could tell I wasn't really gonna like the guy but I had to work with him. I could tell he was the type of guy that would use a girl and dump her. He belonged in a bar drunk off his @ss trying to pick up a girl that would want a one night only bed buddy. I step away from the wall and draw my katana. I inspect it feeling for flaws but finding none. I also tested the balance, perfect. "Damn this is one nice katana can't wait to see how well it does in combat."
"The enemy will not attack you with stuffed animals and pillows, Ashes, so get used to brutality. I am almost done with the calibrations of your suits for movement. Once the last of it is done, you should be able to start running up walls again." The voice says.
"Running up walls? Like actually running up walls?" Scythe said incredulously.
IC: Lotus pulls out her axe and looks at it for a bit before putting it back in place. "You are making a complete @ss out of yourself but its ok." She says as she checks out her sniper rifle "Just don't get any funny ideas"

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I think about what the voice had said, considering trying it. "Do you want us to do that now or later?"
I put away the Katana smiling. "What do you mean?" I shake my head realizing what she meant. "Never mind about that." I start to pace wanting to get out of here and do something.
A large platform begins to raise soundlessly. When it stops rising, the voice speaks again, displaying amusement and some warmth. "Go on ahead. Time for Melee weapon training." A waypoint appears on the raised platform, and the voice adds "Believe me, I used to not believe I could run up walls. Very useful. Anyways, get to the marker."
"Will do." Backing up six steps, I run at the wall, running up it two feet before pushing off towards the platform. I almost miss it, but manage to catch the edge and pull myself up, turning and waving at the others. "Alright, your turn."

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