The Reawakened War

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I grin and put my helmet back on and with a running start run several feet up a wall and push off doing a flip in flight. I land on the platform skidding across most of it but on my feet none the less. "That was fun."
"Alright sissies, my turn." Scythe flexes his muscles, cracks his neck, sneaks in a wink at the ladies and sprints at the platform, takes three steps up the wall, and vaults the rest of the way up. Unfortunately, not being used to it, he underestimated the power of his suit and very nearly cleared the entire platform, and only just managed to grab the ledge on the other side. Pulling himself up, he attempted to salvage the semi-fail with an exaggerated bow.
I sigh and shake my head keeping my eyes on the others.
Walking up to Scythe, I rest a hand on his shoulder and chuckle, shaking my head. "If you're going to show off, wait until you remember how to use the suit."
Collisio gives a scowl of disgust to Scythe before making her own way up. She quickly charges up the wall and pushes off of it, landing in a roll on the top of the platform. Her sword comes out quickly and stops inches away from Scythe's neck. "You want to continue being an @ss?"

Ardeo smiles and he sprints up the wall, turning at the last second he fires himself off. He grabs the edge and throws himself up. He suppresses a laugh about the girl threatening Scythe.

Gravitas sighs and starts up the wall, and as he reaches the top he stops, and does not fall. A second later he rockets off and lands on the platform.
"No ma'am." Scythe says, the ever-present quick grin still on his face, despite the sword hovering inches away from his neck. "I'll be whatever you want me to be."

OOC: Just realized this is the third time someone has put a weapon to Scythe's head and we are only 5 pages in hahaha
I knock the sword away, scowling at the woman. "Cool it, otherwise this group won't last long."
Collisio gives a sigh of disgust and walks away, retrieving her Jian and running her land along its edge. "Mind your manners or this won't be stopped, and it will hit far lower." She looks at Grinder. "I don't care. We might work more effectively without the @sshole."
"Yes ma'am!" Scythe calls after her, "And everyone has one, darlin. I ain't ashamed of mine!"
IC: Lotus runs up the wall before flipping off of it. Landing on her feet she does a back roll and pulls out her 10mm aiming at a make believe target. "I'm just happy I'm not the only woman around here" She says as she puts her 10 mm away.
"Neither one of us is certified to be the judge of that."
Nikku sighs, his faceplate came up, sliding into his helmet. It revealed a Young-looking Asian, with eyes revealing experience beyond his years. "How much has war changed? Should we assume that it is still the same?" He said. "I will assume that we should learn this whole thing again." He took out his staff, holding it in one hand while his pistol in the other, carefully making his way up the platform.
As everyone arrives on the platform, another buzzing was heard, and someone was standing in the middle of the platform, its right arm a saw. It stares blankly in the distance, and the voice comes back. "Stand by." After a second, the sound of a gun firing is heard, and a round impacts on everyone..... but falls short as a shielding system stops the bullet.
Scythe, all playfulness and sarcasm gone, becoming suddenly cool-headed and calculating, goes into combat mode. "Well," he says to the others. "Should we engage?"
Nikku gets behind the nearest cover he can find. "Voice? Are our abilities fully charged?" He said, bringing his staff behind the cover.
One of the other pods were now just beginning to open. Revealing a suit. Green with white trim. Slumping forward as the person inside began to awaken. The heads up display already had orders cycling through. Almost as if they were sent before this solider woke up. Wondering though if this was before they slumbered or if others woken up before this one.

A synthesized voice spoke out. Wanting to hear the voice... The voice of humanity. "Where am I?" The solider spoke.

[Standing next to a few others]

Testament... that was the soldiers name. She waited with a few others... She remember a mask. Sadness... But there was duty. Duty to serve and duty to fight. All confused still... Why did she wear a mask. "I'm not to sure why I'm wearing this mask..." She says while the visor raised and she could take off the mask. "Truly not sure..."
IC: Lotus pulls out her axe as she drops low to the ground just incase another round is shot at her.
I stand near Testament and a few others playing with my hidden blades. I stop playing with them for a moment to check the rest of my weapons quickly then stand there waiting.
[Outside sim]
{Stalker, Testament, guard the area until the others wake up. I am sorry I had to rush yours, but I needed someone out to defend the area while I helped the others.}

[Inside sim]
"No, the modules are not active yet for you all. Just strike the individual in melee, I will try to work on getting the modules back up." The voice says.
{Got it. Hopefully nothing really happens but ... yeah will do.}

"Hmm ... OK." I draw my Katana and slash down at the target.

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