The Reawakened War

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{What do you mean guard? I thought everyone already woke up. And I guess if anything we should have been woken up so we can save our comrades...} Testament said in a slightly annoyed voice but it was understandable but she knew the mission. This person was right. Then a sickly green mist came from my mouth with every breath. "Is your breath green as well?"
The sound of a blade leaving it's sheath slowly is head as I draw my claymore. "Well lads and lassies," a Scottish accent showing as I spoke, "how do we go about this?" Hearing the voice, I take two large steps and cleave upwards, cutting the target in two.
IC: Lotus runs up to the target and throws a punch at the target's stomach while bring her axe down at the base of its neck.
Ashes spins out of cover, hitting the target in the back of the head. "Reckoning!" He shouted.
I look at Testament my helmet folding into the back of my armor. "No. Why is yours I wonder?" I was concerned and yet curious.
Testament looked back at Stalker. Noticing her face. Then realizing that they can only see her green eyes and pale skin showing my mouth. Testament was already near a weakened piece of metal when the mist touched it... Her breath. It began to corrode and rust slightly and she swallowed her breath. "It's not normal... I wonder if this is why I had this mask..." She said while putting it on. Her eyes could only be seen now... Inhuman only seeing the eyes.
Gravitas launches himself at the target, his mace comes down, smashing into the arm of the target, beside his mace the Jian of Collisio slides into the shoulder and quickly pulls out in a retreat backwards. Gravitas pulled his mace out of the arm and prepared for another strike, seeing Ardeo smash at device with his own mace.
"To answer your question, I say we get a squad leader before anymore cardboard hits the floor. Someone could get a paper-cut otherwise." Nikku said dryly. He relaxed his grip on the staff, and waved to the marine with a claymore.
"I will go next." Scythe says, as he steps forward. He sized the strange figure up, saw arm and all, before suddenly rushing forward and striking at the target's chest, while spinning away just in time as the saw arm buzzed past. The target swung its saw arm wildly, and held his other forearm up in a defensive posture. Scythe waited carefully, and then with very precise timing steps into the target's saw blade arc, suddenly too close for the target to use his saw blade effectively. Scythe smashed the target's other arm away, and then delivered two carefully aimed punches to the target's head. The target dropped to its knees, and Scythe finished the fight by bringing his elbow down forcefully on the target's neck. "Piece of cake."
"Hmm. Corrosive breath? yeah you really might want to keep that mask on if it filters out what ever is on your breath. I don't really want to know if anything else about you is corrosive. No offence you seem like a nice person ... you know what I mean." I say with a sigh. I lean against a wall waiting.
Testament have a snort. Annoyed by this... She seemed to have slight amnesia. Who else did? And what does this mean? Will she have to eat by herself? Sleep with a mask on... Do everything with a mask? Hell... it could cause more problems with it. "What'll you know... I have the breath of death..." Testament says. Not amused with it all but giving a nod towards Stalker. "Yeah."
"Voice? Unless you want me to start referring to you as "Adjutant" I would like a name. Just a personal precedence." Nikku said, his faceplate sliding back into position. He brought the staff back into its usual tube form, and holstered it on his shoulder.
The target doesn't fight back, like the others of the ranged kind. It dissapates, and the voice speaks up again. "Live fight. Choose among you who will go first. And Ashes, refer to me as Manta."
I shrug. "Guess I will."
Nikku took a step back. "I didn't mean to offend." He said, holding is arms up. "In all seriousness though, I'll go." He changed to a rather dry tone, realizing that no-one else would enjoy humor.
"So ... me and you how you wanna do this? No restrictions or restrictions?"
"No restrictions. Well, lets not kill me. That would be nice. Your choice on what weapons are used." Nikku said, dancing a step back from Magneton.
"No killing blows or critical injuries. Otherwise no restrictions." I say feinting a lunge at Nikku.
IC: "well if we have to fight I'll go up agasint Scythe after they finished" Lotus says while putting her sniper rilfe to the side.

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