The Reawakened War

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I look around hopping to spot something interesting I missed earlier.
Nikku turns around the feint, pulling out the staff, using his momentum to spin it towards Magneton's back.
"I think I might join you on that." Collisio says in response to Lotus.
I take a seat on the edge of the platform, watching the others. "I'll take loser."
I stop the stop the staff with my forearm before grabbing it. I draw my katana and bring it at Nikku's neck intent on stopping before I actually removed his head.
Nikku follows the staff into Magneton's body, ducking under the blade, pushing it against his back further. He spins the staff away, coming back into a even stance.
I chuckle as I quickly recover. "Your pretty good." I swing at his gut.
The blade barely misses, as Nikku swings the staff over his head, snapping it the last second towards the marine. "Your aiming, not seeing. Change your strategy. Adapt." He says, jumping backwards before the staff hits, drawing his pistol. "Your turn."
Cap, you seem woefully unaware they don't really remember any of that stuff. And they aren't marines.
OOC: Oh. Well how could I refer to them? Grunt. I use marine as a base term.
Aside from that, I will change that. It seems to me like the memory has been very selective so far. Will edit. Sorry.
Marine is used to refer to a unit or a military branch. Jester's gotta have something.
OCC: I have the names figured out for each one of them, but for now, refer to the buzz-saw wielding ones as Hiflur Buzz-Bladers. There is neither one of them nor a Hiflur Gunner on the field, as no one requested to fight one of them.
I had my pistol out at the same time Nikku did. I chuckle and proceed to shoot Nikku in the side of the leg and the arm that held his pistol.
The pistol fires, getting caught in the motor of Magneton's shoulder, as the bullet hits Nikku's leg. The other bullet fired by his opponent misses his arm, instead striking the wall behind him. "Nice shot. I think your shoulder is immobilized though. Tell me, can you lift that much metal with a deltoid?" He said, smiling behind his faceplate.
Nikku's shot hits the armor around my shoulder and stops. I chuckle again. "Heh gonna have to do better than that." I say grinning behind my helmet. I throw a punch at Nikku followed closely by my katana.
"Two hands? Not enough." Nikku says as he ducks under the katana, kicking the attacker's armor, attempting to knock them off balance, shooting the back of the same joint point-blank.

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