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"Sorry, miss," I say with a touch of politeness, just as my parents had taught me. They really did try and do the best things for me. They were just a bit misguided. Weren't they? "I'm a new arrival. I have no idea what you're talking about. I just joined....nevermind. I'm ready for orders, anyway, miss."
Valeria sighs. "I am the Phantom captain, Valerie. Follow me to the armory so I can get you familiar with your armor."

http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/8568960158?page=9 "Second post, last paragraph for Phantom armor, Dacder."
"Yes'm." I say coldly as I follow her to the armory. Looking over the armor, I can't help but be silently impressed. This place is obviously high quality. At the same time, I thought about home. The dusty attic, the bright lights, the smell of fresh fruit. Then it dawns on me. This is my home.
Looking at the others, I beckon us forward. "Better get moving. The smell of blood will reach the other eventually, and we don't want to be here when it does."
I nod and follow Chris my rifle at the ready but shaky.
"Suit up and I'll explain how it works, then I'll brief you." Valerie says to Stephani, her hand idly tapping on her combat knife.
Only half-listening, I put the suit on, finding that to be quite easy, and await Valerie's explanation as to how it "works". I realize then that I didn't know what it would do. Oh well, I suppose it can't be too bad.
Hello Im a new recruit ghost who wants to nuke something.
Can't tell if trolling...

...Or actually want to join Joeyray's...
he is trolling this thread because he has read NONE of the RP lore.

he does however seem to want to join Joeyray's.
As we move across the creep, I keep a weathered eye out for more Zerglings. The hunting groups always had someone keep watch, and that was usually me. Guess that's why I was always still alive, because I saw that hydralisk head shaped rock and dove for cover as the spines flew. Bah, I always did my job. Not my fault they couldn't keep their wits about them. Of course, it was always out of fear that I dove for cover...
A Zergling sticks its face out of the ground, just in front of Chris, and latches onto his steel covered foot. It starts to pull itself down, trying to pull Chris down with it. Another one comes up, heading for Tonya.
Grunting in annoyance, I ram my rifle barrel into it's eye, pulling the trigger three times in succession.


"Look out!" Tonya yells, standing tall like a statue before falling flat on it's face, pummeling it back into the ground with her shield and hopes to break it's neck. Just in case it didn't die, or isn't completely dead, she sticks her pistol under her shield and fires three rounds point blank.
The Zergling grabbing onto Chris screams in agony as it dies. The one assaulting Tonya lays with great damage, and slowly tries to get up but squeals in agony once again.

"You may have little Psionic strength, but this is very sensitive suit, allowing for you to pump the energy in. To do that, just focus your Psionics through your body and into the suit, but be careful about that, as this thing can only stay active for so long, and requires a bit of a cooldown. Now. I'll be sending you in to the fray pretty shortly." Valerie says to Stephani.

A queen was starting to makes its way out of the ground, and sees the Terran group. She gives a light cry of disgust as they kill some of her brood. She goes back under, and orders for all focus to be on the spawning of the Zerglings.
Pulling my foot free, I strike it with the butt of my rifle then fire into it's head point blank, emptying the clip. "Sneaky f*ckers...Let's keep moving. Bad place to be once the blood's smell blows around."
I nod and take point my rifle raised.
Eric raised an eyebrow at that thinking perhaps it would be better if someone else took point. Preferably one of the meat shields. Shrugging he checked his shotgun again knowing it was just as loaded now as before because he had yet to get a shot off. He also cursed his choice in EMP grenades, which were rather useless against the Zerg. To late for regrets though, best to keep an eye out for more Zerg and see if he can remember anything from all those Dominion files that might be useful.

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I move through the creep covered landscape, memories of Zerg hunts gone wrong and right popping into my mind, unbidden. In one, we were doing fine, halfway to the target when Banelings unburrowed all around us. I'd gotten out of that one by noticing the faint shifting of the ground in front of the point man and scrambling up a boulder. Only three of the others caught on and followed suit. That one had ended in failure. Another hunt, more successful, had had three of our guys killed by the target, a very large, very old hydralisk with a temper so bad the other Zerg all avoided him like the plague. The sucker had planned an ambush. Almost worked too, but I saw his tail twitch. I call out to everyone, "Role call, make sure they're not grabbing us from behind!"
Ian turned around and surveyed the LZ. He shrugged to himself when he found exactly what he expected to find. Must be a zerg hunting term.

"Sparks here!" Tonya called. Ian caught on, then yelled, "Ian Collins, here!"

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