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Natalie laughs softly, then grows more serious. "Well survival is key. Bravery means nothing if you get yourself killed. If anything, that is what I have learned from my childhood."
Ian Collins

Slightly amused by the two's flirtatious dialog, he decided to observe rather then jump in like he normally would. Things would get interesting quickly if anyone jumped in a long term relationship too soon. Maybe it was best to jump in after all. It might end up being for the greater good.

Ian was about to speak up when the girl directly adjacent to Natalie beat him to it.

OOC: Note to any psionics: Ian has unusual brain activity when he's quiet or not paying attention. He seems to play games in his head.

Tonya "Sparks" Blue

"Interesting, a few seconds ago you wouldn't even speak and now you're opening up to your childhood?"

She regretted the words as soon as they came out. The last thing she wanted was to make the poor girl clamp her shell. She couldn't blame her for flirting with the handsome man. Something about his grey eyes made him that much more mysterious. His career as a zerg hunger only improved his standings with women who easily fell for that sort of thing.
"And what's wrong with that? We ain't got nothing better to do than get to know each other til we reach this base of theirs."
Tonya shifted her gaze to the man and leaned back, shaking her head slightly.

"Nothing, nothing. Please, continue." She waved her hand in acceptance.

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Natalie recoiled, as if struck. "I was just giving advice, thank you" she says to Tonya, slightly coldly.
Damn it... Didn't mean to do that...

"Sorry, maybe we got off on the wrong foot." Tonya said with a small smile brewing, "My name's Sparks." She offered her hand to Natalie.

"-Err, NO! Sorry, Tanya, Tanya Blue. My friends and family call me Sparks."
Natalie's clouded, hurt eyes slowly cleared up and she gave a weak smile. "It's fine. Nice to meet you Sparks." she said, a twinkle in her eye.

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I let out a short laugh and shake my head, leaning back against the wall again and letting the two women sort it out. I'd learned early in my adult life that you don't get in the middle of two fighting women, especially bouncer women, unless you want bruises to go with the story.
Jackson: "My name is Francis Alexander Jackson. I'm from Korhal. It's nice to meet you all."

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IC: I get up and move over next to Chris. "My name is Mary Lyn Tiana but I usually go by Lyn."
I offer a hand to Lyn, making sure to make eye contact and keep it. "Nice to meet you."
I tentatively take Chris' hand and look into his eyes for a moment. "Nice to meet you too." I was feeling a bit shy yet bold at the same time.
Shaking Lyn's hand firmly, I sit back and close my eyes humming to myself. "What y'all do for a time killer?"
I pull out a deck of playing cards and a small bunch of what looks like scrap parts. I put the parts back in my pocket. "I've got a deck of playing cards. Anyone up for a game of strip poker?" I ask mostly joking and grinning evilly.
Ian suppressed a grin and looked around to see the other's reaction before deciding it was best to just not say anything.

Tonya scoffed in disgust, but didn't say anything further.
I chuckle at Tonya's reaction, shaking my head. "Twas only a joke, no need to get offended."
Natalie watched the exchange between Lyn and Chris with distgust, and said a few choice words questioning the "morality" of Lyn under her breath. Although she did perk up a little at the suggestion of strip poker...
I nod suppressing a giggle. "Yeah sorry I just couldn't help myself though Poker or what ever card game you want is open." I say setting the cards next to me and pulling out that small pile of parts as I start to fiddle with it.
"You all don't want to play strip poker with me anyways." I say smiling. "You would all be naked by the time i lost a shoe."
"I hope it was only a joke." Tonya says, disgust still slathering her face.

Ian quickly made his eyes distant of Tonya's to hide his positive reaction towards the idea.

[Natalie's comment]

Ian looked at Natalie with a smirk. Ian was no pro, but he's played more hours poker in his lifetime then he cared to know.

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