Flight of the Eagle

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"It was Tonya." The pile of parts begins to resemble a tiny tank.
*Catching Ian's smirk* "Wipe that smile off your face, boy!" Natalie said playfully. "I have played poker for a living!"
Ian Collins

"You are so on." He said with a grin. "Except," He put his hand up signaling a gentle halt, "Maybe not the strip part."

Ian didn't consider himself a player, nor did he wish to be considered one. He didn't come here for that. He can't honestly say it isn't what he wanted, however.

Tonya Blue

"What was me?" Tonya asked, looking back and forth between Lyn and Ian, who was suddenly not paying any attention to her.
"Tonya I meant the suggestion of strip poker was a joke." I say with a sigh most of my attention on the 'toy' I was building.
Tonya Blue

Tonya frowned to herself, still not understanding and leaned back. She closed her eyes and imagined she was flying the shuttle.
I look around for a seat further from potential violence, but fail to find one. Great...
Ian Collins

Ian watched Chris' eyes dart around. They seemed to be looking for something. What, Ian didn't know. He examined his eyes to try to get a reading. Nothing. Useless. Ian was a computer specialist, not a mind reader.

Tonya "Sparks" Blue

"Anyone know if there are any pilots needed in this place?" Tonya asked hopefully, glancing around.
"Alright, mister Big Boy Britches here [gestures to Ian, a teasing, sarcastic grin still on her face] wants to play some poker, any other takers?"
I set the finished tank down and it starts roaming the inside of the transport. "I have no idea Tonya."
Ian Collins

Oh brother, here is the start to a downhill ride. Ian couldn't hide his grin as he glanced around.

Tonya Blue

Tonya sighed and stroked her blonde bangs behind her ear. This... Is going to be a long ride.
Jackson: "I've never played before..." I say. I continue, smirking, "How about a game of craps instead?"

Robert: Robert pulls a blanket out of his pack and turns away from the group, covering himself in it.

OOC: *rubs face* ouch, what was that for?
OOC: Honestly, I'm not sure. You didn't do anything wrong.

By the way, this is what Tonya looks like: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcldye0gHB1rcq020o1_r1_1280.jpg
"Craps?" Natalie inquires.
"It's a dice game where you bet on the numbers the dice will land on. Played it all the time back on Korhal. Here, I got the dice, board, and chips..." I say, as I shuffle through my bag.
"Alright, I'm down." Natalie says. "Ian? Anyone else?"


Haha very nice... oh well I am a girl in this thread :P
I toss the deck of cards to Natalie before pulling an unmarked book out of my backpack and a pen. "I want those cards back when you all are done."
"Thanks, Sparks. Are you sure you won't join us?"
Haha very nice... oh well I am a girl in this thread :P


Thanks. I'm actually starting to fall in love with this character...


Ian sat up, "why not?"

Tanya sighed. Nothing else better to do. She stood up and followed the group.
"So wait, are we playing craps or poker?"
I nod as I open the book up about half way through and start to draw and write in it.

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