Flight of the Eagle

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"Depends... is there a strip craps?" Natalie asks jokingly.
Tonya Blue

"You just really want to show off your breasts, don't you Natalie?" Tonya let her tongue off the chain again. She regretted it, again. Oh well, it was meant as a joke and should be taken as one. It was clear she was joking as well. Hopefully her grin would be evidence enough.

Ian Collins

Ian came to Tonya's rescue in an attempt to lighten the mood between the two. The last thing they needed was a cat fight.

"Let's just play friendly first." Ian said with a chuckle.
"ThaneKrios, that was more or less what I was thinking for the Phantom captain... Meh. I can easily change the appearance."

The large space station was seen not too far away if you looked through the windows.
I glance out the windows and spot the station, sighing in relief. Now I could get away from the potentiality of violence between the women. "Looks like we're almost there."
ThaneKrios, that was more or less what I was thinking for the Phantom captain... Meh. I can easily change the appearance

Sorry, beatcha to it ;)


Ian Collins

"Looks like I'll have to beat you another time." Ian said with a teasing grin to the ladies.
I look up and out a window. I give a small smile and turn back to my book working furiously to finish what I was doing before we arrived.
IC: Daniel woke up as the station came into view. He couldn't feel his right arm since he slept on it. "Are we there yet?" He asks with a groggy tone
I look up again at the guy who had been sleeping. "Almost. Whats your name?" I glance at what I was doing in the book and with a sigh I close it and put it away.
Tonya Blue

Tonya stood up and rolled her neck before folding her arms and leaning on the wall. Any time now...

Ian Collins

Ian glanced at all the girls before leaning back in his chair and awaiting a response from the man who had been sleeping.
IC: Daniel yawned and looked over at the person who asked his name. "Name is Daniel night but everyone calles me Dan for short. Heavy armor frontline trooper at your service Ms.?"
"Mary Lyn Tiana but I usually go by Lyn." I felt a bit shy at being called 'Ms.'.
IC: "Nice to meet you Ms. Lyn" Dan says before yawning again and sitting up right.
"Nice to meet you, Dan." Tonya offered her hand, "I'm Sparks-" She caught herself again, "Damn it, again! Sorry, Tonya. My friends call me Sparks."
Not the only think people call you. Natalie thought somewhat darkly
IC: "Nice to meet you to Ms. Tonya" Dan says as he shakes her hand
She smiled at his firm handshake. There's a man. Didn't even call her Sparks right off the bat, either. Their friendship would get along nicely.
I ignore the man at this point, just ready to be off the damn drop ship. Seems like an OK bunch. I'll need to introduce myself to Dan once I've stretched my legs.
IC: "So what were you reading there Ms. Lyn?" Dan asks as he stretches a little bit
"I wasn't reading. I was working on designing something but I need more free time to finish it." I reach down and pick up the tiny tank I had let loose earlier. "And please just call me Lyn." I say it felt really weird to be called miss. He was nice though and I could tell Tonya liked him as well. I sigh knowing that developing a relationship would be hard.
Natalie rises along with Chris, stretching her legs and anxious to get some action... as in violence..

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