Flight of the Eagle

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He was nice though and I could tell Tonya liked him as well. I sigh knowing that developing a relationship would be hard.

This RP has too many girls xD

Ian Collins

Ian leaned in towards Chris, hoping to strike up a conversation.

"So what's the biggest zerg kill you've got? I went zerg hunting once, didn't find anything though."
IC: "Sorry Ms... I mean Lyn old habit are hard to break" Dan says as he cracks his neck trying to remove the stiffness from sleeping.
I giggle slightly quickly disassembling the tank. "Its OK Dan."
IC: "How did you two get drafted into this group, if you don't mind me asking?" Daniel asks to both of the girls near him [Tonya and Lyn]
OOC: Wait, does that include Tonya?

I'll assume yes.

IC: "I always wanted to be a pilot all growing up. Also had a passion for medicine. The medivac was my perfect solution. Dad showed me the basics of flying and Mom the basics of medicine. When Dad died in an accident." She paused,

"Mom said I could go to collage under the condition I didn't take flight classes. Instead I trained to be a medic. With no employment and the Dominion life looking bleak, I joined here." Tonya's brief skim of her past flustered some long settled emotions. Emotions she didn't expect ever to be flustered again.

"What about you?"
"Well I was searching for jobs at a cafe shortly after I had graduated when I was approached. And well it just sort of felt like I should join."
IC: "A recuriter saved me from doing somethign stupid so I joined up. Sorry to hear about your father Ms. Tonya" Daniel says to Tonya before looking at lyn. "I heard this unit gets great pay also"
"Eh I don't really care all too much. I'll likely just put it all away in an account till I'm done here then ... I don't know what I'll do after that." I sigh not wanting to think about the future or what my parents probably think of my decision.
Tanya chuckled, "It's okay, and please, call me Sparks."
IC: "Well saving for the future is always good Ms.Lyn I mean lyn... oh its going to take me forever to get over this habit." He says before looking over to Tonya. "Ok Ms. Tany... I mean sparks... I'm hopeless"
This RP has too many girls xD

YES haha
I can't help but laugh and shake my head at Dan. He is a nice guy probably the nicest I've met not to mention probably one of the first not trying to marry up. I glance at Tonya again and sigh before staring out the window letting my mind wander.
This RP has too many girls xD

YES haha

Like, no seriously. Anyone willing to die and make a dude char?


Tanya noticed Lyn sighing after each time she spoke with Dan. Jealousy? No, Tonya wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. They had more in common then Tonya would let on. Tonya probably wouldn't admit it if asked, but she was looking for a friend, not a boyfriend.
IC: Daniel bowed his head. He never really knew how to talk to women his age. "I wonder how long it will take to get docked" He say outloud as he raised his head.

OOC: Hey I'm alright with mostly girls lol
"Dunno." I say quietly not really paying attention.
IC: "You seem very shy Ms.Lyn" Dan says before dropping his head down again. "I am so sorry..."
I smile. "Its fine Dan ... and yeah I guess I am."
OOC: Hey I'm alright with mostly girls lol

Sure, it may fuel your *WHAAT!?*, but it can get lame. Cat fights are simply not as interesting.


Tanya looked at her feet as if she was responsible for her melancholy. She sat down next to Dan and closed her eyes. Tonya would offer comfort if she knew for certain Lyn would accept it. She would probably just take it as some form of insult. She would have to try to establish a stronger relationship when they were alone... Or more specifically, away from Dan.
"I am pretty sure it is four males to three females... Anyways, first Roost post is being made."
even four to four ... though Dac aint here so ... yeah three fem to four mel.

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