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IC: "Sorry I just have trouble talking to beautiful women... I mean women not that you two are beautiful. I mean you two are very pretty and all but I don't have any experiance... I mean with talking to .... I'm just going to shut up now." Dan says as his head drops lower and he puts his hands over the back of his head..
"I am pretty sure it is four males to three females.

I can count four females right now... Given, one of them is AFK, but still.

Anyways, first Roost post is being made.

What's that?


Tanya dipped her head and shook it while rubbing the bridge of her nose. She chuckled a little, but saw through his empty flattery. He was trying to hit on both of them at once. She decided the best move was to excuse his premature attempt at... Whatever exactly he was attempting.
I smile and laugh at Dan. "I know what you mean but ... just be yourself." I look at Tonya my smile fading slightly. "Tonya ... we should talk later."

OOC: the Roost is the Eagles main base AKA the space station we are in the process of docking with.
Tonya "Sparks" Blue

Tonya raised her head immediately as soon as she heard Lyn say her name.

"Thinking the same thing." She admitted, offering a weak smile before breaking the stare to look off into the station.

Ian Collins

Ian took note of everything that happened with a grin in the background. Dan was better then Chris. And that's saying something.
OOC: He wasn't trying to hit on them he really has zero experiance talking to women. So it wasn't him trying to flatter anyone.

IC: "I think I should have just stayed asleep." Daniel whispers to himself before looking up. "I'm sorry but I never really talked to any women other then teachers who seemed to be over 80 years old"
OOC: Really? Would have sworn there were more females then males
I nod returning to looking out the window.
The Vulture enter the Roost's hangar and you can already see two other Vultures have landed and starting to unload the people within, filled with a motley assortment. Six people were standing around the hangar, and they were very apparent.

One of them was a young woman, likely in her mid-twenties stands not too far from the Vultures. She had short brown hair casted into a ponytail, with a few strands of hair straying over her eyes. Her eyes were a bright emerald green, shining slightly when light passed over them, but they seemed cold and calculating, as if she was sizing each and every recruit up individually. She was very lithe, but there was apparent muscle mass on her arms.

Another was a short man, burly man with a long beard and hair down to his shoulders, as well as having a slightly plump belly. He was the perfect visualization of one of the old Earth fantasy dwarves. He had deep brown and joyful seeming eyes. He was looking at the recruits, picking out those who he saw as engineers.

Two men, probably in their early twenties stood not too far from a doorway, their looks almost the exact same, as they were twins. They had light blue eyes and blonde hair, one having it long and go down to his shoulders, and the other having it short, not reaching off his head except over his forehead, unlike the other one. Their skin tones were slightly different as well, the longer haired one had a darker tone, as if he had been tanning, and the shorter haired one was extremely pale. They seemed to be joking with each other.

Another woman, this one probably coming into her forties, sat reading a book, her long jet black hair covering most of her face, but one eye was clear. It had a dark blue colour mainly, with a little ring of green right around the pupil.

The last was large man standing right in front of one the doorways, blocking a lot of the light coming through. His height was at least six foot ten, and his face was scarred. He was a bald man with a large amount of muscle, and dark brown eyes. His skin tone was that of a Caucasian.

A few people come to meet you when you exit the Vulture, and direct you to one of these people. The Scavengers were sent to the twins. The Phantoms were sent to the twenty year old brunette. The Nests were directed to the dwarf. The Parents were pointed towards the reader. And Daniel, the only Predator on that particular Vulture was sent over to the large bald man.
OOC: He wasn't trying to hit on them he really has zero experiance talking to women. So it wasn't him trying to flatter anyone.

Haha, I know. Remember, that's just how Tonya sees that. She's gotten hit on a lot more then she's dealt with guys who don't know what their doing when they talk to women. Don't worry, it was just IC stuff.


Tanya laughed out loud, "Don't worry about it." Her eye twinkled before she looked at Lyn to see how she would respond.
OOC: ahh... jk
"Its fine." I get up and grab my stuff before exiting the Vulture and going over to the dwarf.
OOC: Really? Would have sworn there were more females then males

Partly because my poor male is conversation-less.

Ian Collins

Ian stood up and glanced at motionless Chris as he walked out and towards the two twins.

Tonya Blue

Tanya rose and approached the Parent's instructor. Finally, all that high-school chaos was over with.
IC: "Well I guess we will meet up later" Daniel says before grabbing his bag and heading over to the tall Man
"See ya," Natalie says, winking to Chris as she heads off toward the Phantom trainer

Partly because my poor male is conversation-less.

Sorry, i tried haha
Ian Collins

Ian catches Natalie's wink and almost erupts in laughter. This is like Collage all over again.
Sorry, i tried haha

Haha, you did? My bad, must've missed it.
Haha, you did? My bad, must've missed it.

Haha i will have to talk to Ian later

OOC: Who is the other Phantom?
the MIA female I believe.
04/16/2013 08:49 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
the MIA female
OOC: Grreat... Not even a possibility of a conversation while we wait XP

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