Flight of the Eagle

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poke poke can we move this along please?

IC: I look around starting to get a bit impatient.
All the groups had arrived at the armory, their weapons and armor functions explained. They were now capable of speaking to each other about what they think of their captains, and what they had received.

The Scavenger armor has a curved beak coming off of the helmet, but other than that it looks just like Warpig armor.

The Predator armor has the same helmet as you would expect to find on a Marine's CMC armor with a Snapping Turtle's head painted on it, with the wings of a bird sprouting from behind it, the rest is just like a Marauder's armor.

The Parent's armor looks much like a medics, except less armored.

The Nest armor is similar to Rory Swann's with the large pack on the back, which is where the machines of the Nest's are produced. The rest is more similar to a Marine's. The arm with the Nest's claw would have it just behind the hand.

The Phantom armor is much like a Spectre's, except it lacks the ShadowBlade insignia and the small gas canister on the front of the helmet.
Moving around tentatively in my armor, I nod to myself. It worked fine for my tastes. Then I looked over my new weapons. A carbine, a semi-auto pistol and frag grenades. Just what I needed.
Ian Collins

"Now that's what I'm talking about." Ian said with a grin from ear to ear as he looked down the sights of his rifle.

Tonya Blue

Tonya smiled internally when she saw the armor. It was perfect. Everything she ever wanted to do as a little girl was given to her by this merc group. Now only if they let her fly...
IC: "Looks good sir when do we get to test it out." Daniel asks
I smile as I test out the nest armor.
Putting the rifle in it's back holster, I spin the pistol, holstering it before quickdrawing, having it out and ready to fire in 2.5 seconds. "Huh, guess those pistol tourneys payed off, still wish dad hadn't made me do them though."
I draw my rifle and test sight it a bit before returning it to its holster. "Heh well I'd hate to be anyone who gets in the way of my right hook in this." I say throwing a few punches.
Orc stared at the one thing in front of him. A grenade launcher. Feeling it while moving his hand down the sides of it.

Lira (I hope this is her name.) was looking at the armor. Pretty impressed so far and wondered how expensive they could be? Not very much probably.
Noticing everyone has gotten prepared the Phantom leader gets all of their attention. “Okay recruits, here are your squads. Squad A will consist of Vulture 1, and half of Vulture 2. That half will include Osiris, George, Lora, Diane, Jacob, Joan, and Keira. You guys willl be dropped down near a recently established and minor Umojan research facility. Your mission is to set up charges to blow the reactor core. Our client doesn’t want them starting up another research facility on that planet, apparently it is filled with resources they want.”

She turns her attention to the others. “Squad B will consist of Vulture 3 and the other half of Vulture 2. It will include Orc, Lira, Horace, Melody, Daren, and Larry. You guys will be dropping down at a recently morphed Zerg Hive Cluster. You are to eliminate all threats of it. The clients are the inhabitants of the planet, and the Dominion won’t come to their aid, so you are taking away their unease with some good ol’ guns.”

She scans over the entire group. “If any of you mess this up and survive, you’ll be punished.” Valerie looks coldly and unforgiving upon every single person, even the other captains. All of them flinched, even the Predator’s captain. “Anything you want cleared up?” She adds after looking at everyone.
Tonya looked around to see if anyone else didn't get called. She came to peace when she saw many others weren't.

"What about the rest of us?" Ian called out.
I stare at my weapons and armor. "So this is my duty now..." I say, almost to myself.
Robert takes three sandwiches out of his pack and begins to eat.
"Ooh, peanut butter... can I have one?" I ask.
Robert looks at me, shrugs, and tosses me a sandwich.
"Thanks," I say.

OOC: don't judge me, I'm hungry and sad because life happened to me today.
OOC: Nobody's judging you, but... Please take it seriously?
"If you didn't get called it means you were on either Vulture 1, or Vulture 3. You, Ian, were on Vulture 3." Valerie answers.
"And me?" Tonya asks, Valerie, seeing that Ian didn't get his head torn off.
OOC: fine, fine. Jackson and Robert eating sandwiches is canon, though.

IC: I stop eating for a moment and call out, "but you said that all of Vulture 1 and Vulture 3 were assigned!"
I shake my head at Tonya and speak up. "Tonya you were with Ian and myself what do you think?"
"Thank you, Mary. If anyone else is unclear if they were on Vulture 3 or on Vulture 1, check if Tonya or Ian were on it. If so, it was Vulture 3, and if not, it was Vulture 1. Is that cleared up?" Valerie answers with a roll of her eyes. She then looks at Jackson. "Yes, Vulture 1 and Vulture 3 were assigned. Vulture 1 to Squad A and Vulture 3 to Squad B." Her impatience was thinning, and luckily Steven and David took her place.
"Alright, so I was on Vulture 3," I say.
"Me, too. I saw you on there, Jackson," Robert says.
Oh fer cryin' out loud, now I understand. Couldn't have made that any more complicated, could you SF?


Tonya folded her arms and leaned on one side, slightly annoyed at the misconception.

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