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The PRP thread with character sheets and intro can be found at

The two patrolling marines walked down the long, dimly lit hallway in the bowels of a top secret hybrid research facility. Suddenly, one of them stops and holds up a hand for silence.

"Wait a minute, Jacobs. Did you just hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"That... sound.."

"Well no #$@! it was a sound, Private, what was it like?"

"I dunno.. sounded kinda.. zergy.."

"Zerg?!" Jacobs exclaimed "There ain't no Zerg!"

"I'm telling you! I heard it!" the young private exclaimed.

"Zerg.." Jacobs snorts, a sharp hiss punctuating the silence as he opens up a new can of Nuke-Cola. "Yeah, I got your Zerg right here! Heh he-"

Jacobs' face suddenly explodes outward, as he is impaled from behind by a large Hydralisk spine. The other Marine screams and draws his sidearm, managing to get off a few ineffectual shots off at it, before being cleaved in half by one massive claw from the beast. The massive, dark gray Hydralisk with fiery red eyes, burning with primal fury slithers on down the hallway, toward the main holding cell area.

A Dominion marine, laughing, takes a few steps out of a side door in the hallway before sighting the immense Zerg only meters away.

"WHAT THE HE- AAAUghlhrll..." he gurgles as his lungs suddenly became full of Hydralisk claw. His comrade, still in the room where the previous marine had emerged from, screamed and alarms sounded seconds later. Rushing forward into the main holding cell area, the Hydralisk began smashing open doors and ruining scientific equipment with its razor sharp claws, roaring its jubilation as the various denizens of the cells began to stream out of captivity, roaring, screeching, chittering, and screaming as they bounded down hallways, into ventilation shafts, or latched onto the nearest Terran in sight. Yelling and gunfire echoed through the hallways of the lab, as reinforcing marines were being taken out almost as quickly as they arrived. Amidst the chaos, the charcoal gray Hydralisk continued smashing open cells and freeing Hybrids.

However, the waves of armored Terrans began to rally behind increasing amounts of Soldiers, as the entire Lab was put on lockdown. A counter-push, led by Firebats began to sear its way forward through the hordes of monsters throwing themselves at the defenders.

Drake, smashing open the last cell, communicates to the surrounding Zerg telepathically.

[Brethren. We are outnumbered. Fall Back.]

Most of the swarm, however, ignored Drake altogether and continued in the suicidal attack on the Dominion troops. A few of the more intelligent ones, however, sizing up the opponents knew retreat was necessary, and fell back to join Drake.

A small, 14 year old girl mutant hiding from the conflict, struggled against someone who looked to be her brother, as he tried to drag her along.

[Hurry!] Drake sent. [Retreat!]

A few more hybrids, faced with the options of either retreat or incineration, turned back and rallied to Drake.

The brother succeeds in bringing the struggling girl along and Drake leads the rag tag band of more intelligent hybrids down the hallway opposite of where the bulk of the Dominion reinforcements are appearing, Drake striking down the occasional marine that sought to bar their progress. A blast door began lowering to cut off their retreat, but Drake quickly hacked at the control panel for the doors, and they sparked and ceased their downward descent. Stopping at what looked to be a security room, he smashed his way through the door and slaughtered the technicians seated at the computer screens there, then destroyed the main security servers that silently observed and recorded the going ons of that section of the lab.

[That will slow their discovery of us, but not by much] he relayed to the others before continuing on, deeper into the laboratory.

Gradually, the sounds of battle grew farther and farther away as they left the fighting behind, and as Drake slithered, the Hydralisk that made up his current form slowly lost shape and changed into that of a mere boy, completely human-looking except for his eyes. His eyes burned like embers, with a fury that would have put the Prime Evils to shame.

Reaching a doorway, Drake leads the others inside the medium-sized storage room.

"Brothers and sisters, our time is nearly come when we quench the lust for vengeance which burns within us like a living flame. We shall destroy those who have corrupted us so, the creations turning on their masters, until they are burned clean from the stars. There are many of our brothers and sisters who did not follow us, I must see to their survival. Stay in this room, and keep the door locked until my return. The time we have left before we are discovered runs short enough; do not show yourselves. And remember-" Drake adds, pausing as he exits the room. "Be proud."

The door slams shut behind Drake, and locks.

You may now all post.
NOTE: Intro re-done.
I let out a guttural noise and nod, kneeling down, intently focusing on the ground.
Shila was far off from the others... Jeremy was next to her. Little was known. But they were related. Shila didn't want to go but Jeremy talked her into it. There was protection in numbers. She would only listen to Jeremy though. Only him... Not Drake. She was afraid of him, and good reason to be.

Shila was only sadist when the Zerg part completely took over. But in turn, always sad and afraid. Jeremy just stood with savage protection. Keeping Shila away from the others. There was good reason to never follow anyone except for her brother. In fact... Jeremy had to fight and drag Shila half way.
I take a seat on the ground, feeling one of my children crawl out of my back and along my arm. It takes flight, buzzing around me, and I smile, watching it fly.
I'm back, will start doing stuff.

Hneagh makes an odd sound.
I watch the others but mainly the two that seemed to be actual siblings. It was sort of saddening that they didn't want to be with the rest of us but I also sort of understood them.
After a moment, something begins to from in my hands. Quickly growing, the creep tumor drops to the ground with a wet plorp, settling itself into the floor, creep already starting to spread.
Can we get a copypasta of the characters in the OP? Would make it all easier.
Julia Rale stands for a moment, unsure of what to do until the boy who freed her returns. She finally decides that of she is going to be taking down this insane place with these people, she would like to know more about them, mainly because if she is fighting alongside someone, it is usually a good idea to know whether they plan to kill you as well.

She still did not fully trust him, he was too... angry. Anger was to be expected, of course. No one could go through what they had without growing angry, furious even, with the ones who had done it to you. Her main concern was for the laboratory itself. She did not know the extent of her modifications, and she was worried that in a zealous rage, he would destroy their only way of knowing.

She looks over to the one who planted the tumor, and asks "won't that just make it easier for them to find us?" It was as good a way as any to begin a conversation,
I shrug;
"Maybe, but the creep will be useful.. If it does give us away, I can always plant more in random locations.. that ought to throw them off."
"Creep tastes like...creep!" Hneagh says cleverly. You get a sinking feeling your Baneling friend will die soon. Horribly.
"Fair enough" she says, extending a hand. She says "my name is Julia Rale. And you are?"
Shila covered her ears to block out the noise. Psi waves leaking from her as they touched the other subjects. A feeling of command... Yet, Shila didn't meant to. She was nervous and wanted everything to be quiet. She was afraid.

Jeremy kneels down next to her and stares into her eyes. Calming her with a simple gaze.
"Hneagh!" he says. His eyes turn a bright orange.
"Oh... hi...I didn't quite see you there..." (She was talking more to warhawk' s character)
I sigh knowing we would loose a member of our little group very soon. I go sit in a corner and project a psyonic signal to keep the creep away from me.
(You can still talk though... just letting you know who she was directing the statement to)
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^ Meh. Parentheses for the win. But yeah, in these times OOC and IC are king and queen.


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