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I've always just used parentheses
I'm out for the night.

Hneagh falls dead asleep.
"So... what happens now?" She asks, trying to fill the awkward silence
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Doesn't look like anyone's on atm though...
interesting. certainly deals with the other ... non intelligent hybrids.

IC: I try to think back before I came to this place. I knew I had a life before but as I try to think back my head just starts to hurt and a blank void is shown. I grab my head and after a moment stop trying to think back. I let go of my head shaking a bit.
Julia walks over, concerned. She asks "are you alright?" And kneels down next to her
"Yeah I'm fine. Just fine." I sounded down about something.
"Are you sure? You weren't acting fine." She moves to sit down next to her. "I'm Julia, what's your name?"
"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Raine."
"Nice to met you, Raine. So, what do you think of drake?"
Looking up from the Creep Tumor, I turn to the two of them;
"Larisa, before anyone asks."
I say blandly before returning to stare at the tumor.
"He seems kinda cute when he isn't in his Hydralisk form. Though from what I have seen of his personality he leaves something to be desired." I look at Larisa and nod.
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"Nice to meet you as well." She motions to a spot against the wall beside her "come sit down. It's been a rough, long time for everyone. We could use a bit more rest before the crap hits the fan again."
"And... us, I guess.... but I definitely agree about the personality part. He seems to be a bit too zealous. All the preaching. I want these guys to go down just as much as anyone else here, but did you see what he did to that room? I think he would destroy the data from this place without a second thought, and without it we will never know for sure what all happened to us."
I only nod not quite sure how to reply.

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I snort:
"What would we do with it? I doubt we could ever reverse this bloody process..."
I say flatly as the skeletal 'wings' of a queen grow from my back;
"...and why would we want to?..."
I say softly, almost inaudible.
Tempted to join, but I'd request as a DT looking to stop the program and kill the hybrids, or as Zack, a Hybrid, though far more refined than these, who would be out to do the same thing.
"I'm not saying to necessarily reverse it. But I would like to know about any hidden surprises they have in store for us. Like... the transformation Is unstable and we may end up getting stuck as zerg... you know, more what to watch for in case things go south"

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