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@Zarkun, hmm... I could possibly you in later... I'll be thinking. We'll see.
Just FYI, Zack is the likely choice, should you allow it. He's a triple hybrid of Terran, Changeling, and Protoss. For specifics, talk to SlnderBurito.
OOC: KK. Well I'm probably going to bed, the real action will begin tomorrow. Feel free to continue talking.
Going to turn in for the night. Won't be able to post tomorrow until approximately 3:45, PM of course, although I may make one in the morning.
04/18/2013 08:54 PMPosted by DeadViper
the real action will begin tomorrow.
Wont be on today and most of Saturday.

And Zarkun... Nice. XD Just don't kill them. :(
And of course you have to go with the one that rules them all. :P And I'm not talking about a ring.

IC: Another psionic message after another was sent to the remaining subjects in the room. Trying to control them but young Shila doesn't have control over it. A feeling of domination yet accidental.

Jeremy then grabbed her hands and held them again her chest. Lightly as not to hurt her. "Calm... down..." He said with a snarl.
I was curled up and my hands were on my head. I was rocking back and forth. You know you want to feed. Come on. Kill them. Slaughter them. Feast upon their broken remains! You will come out stronger! Atrox was whispering into my head.

"No. No. No." I was whispering to myself, not wanting to fall into Atrox's command.

Please. Just right now. They won't expect it. Just use your nice little claws to tear them anew one! Or wait until one is foolish enough to come close while the others aren't looking and cut their throat! Atrox pressed on.

"NO!" I yelled, and Atrox retreated back, laughing a little. I was still rocking and I lowered my shaking hands around my legs. Tears started running down my face.

"Zarkun, please not Zack. You will make him by far more powerful than everyone else."
Looking around, I shake my head at most people's actions;
"Great, we're all crazy here.."
I return
"Unfortunately I think I might agree."
I snort;
"I really don't think there's any argument about it, those of us who don't have any physically obvious problems are definitely f*cked in the head."
I say blandly.
"This isn't the kind of thing you go through without some kind of mental scarring. Hopefully, for some of us at least, the scars will not be permanent" She says. "Luckily, we work together because we have a common enemy, which is the one thing more powerful than a common goal."

(edit: ty for pointing it out. not used to working without autocapitalize :) )
Dahr, mind using proper grammar? We're sticklers for it here.
i dont see anything wrong... it flows well to me... or am i just not seeing it?
Are we gonna Cortex this on this fine Friday evening?
"No, Vultureling. It was only with the original Z&Z that people did Cortex."
i wouldn't mind that

(just saw your post. i still would not mind cortex though)
I mean your capitalization, Dahr.
I snort again;
"Yeah, and part of me wonders if a 'have to' is implied there..."
(But Cortex allows a plethora of options I just have to remember! Only been, what, 6 months now?)

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