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Hneagh wakes up!

Also, DeadViper, I need to talk to you about my character out of Rp, preferably in the game client.
@Vultureling Okay, I will be online shortly. DeadViper #186
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IC: when Julia heard the terran voices she also scrambled for cover, making sure she was concealed from view. She would not risk a transformation when secrecy provides a much more convenient end to the confrontation. She also begins subtly reaching out with her mind, trying to increase their sense of boredom and security, and decrease alertfulness. She was worried, however, as she had only ever read about this technique.
Request sent.

Hneagh, as he is very, VERY surprised, begins to become more and more Baneling-like. Uh-oh.
The marines begin searching the room carefully. Thinking he heard something, one of them stops, and looks up into the rafters.
"WHAT THE FU-" he screams as he begins firing at the zerg.
Suddenly, Hneagh runs up to them and EXPLODES! (please watch video)

Shila covered her ears again when the marines began to open fire. Jeremy covering her as to take the shots for her. Shila was going to be a pain.
Come on. You know you want to sink your teeth into their fragile flesh. Tear through their armor. Shatter their minds. Do it. Do it. Leave from under the desk. That's it. Now kill them. I was complying to Atrox now. He was now in control. I was Atrox. I crack my neck briefly and charge, my clawed hands flying behind me. I pounced. I landed on one of the Marines. He was knocked to the ground and my one hand slices into the Neo-steel, into the helmet. And I start slicing into the skull, laughing like a maniac. I pull my hand out and roll the Marine under me over, about to feast upon his face, when I saw the other one. My hand lifted and I was ready to strike him.
I dodge out out the way, retreating further into the shadows.
"They're not shooting at me yet" Julia thinks as she continues to hide. She now begins more forcefully attempting to infiltrate their minds, trying to throw their aim off and distract them. This is less theory and more instinctive, as she tries to protect her newfound allies.

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The marine Atrox attacked screamed horribly and fires his assault rifle blindly, while the other marine used the butt of his rifle to knock Atrox off of his comrade, Atrox flying and smacking against a wall.
I launch a barrage of spines down on the two marines before quickly changing positions to avoid retaliatory fire.
I smile and laugh at the pain that was inflicted upon me. "A playmate with fight!" I scream with delight. I charge forward again, jumping onto the Marine. As he lifts his rifle to shoot me I grab a hold of it and through myself onto his shoulder using it. I slash into the weaker elbow joint of his armor and try snapping my teeth into it. at it.
The one of the marines drops, his helmet pierced by a spike. The other was brought to his knees by the barrage of spines and the ferocious attacks from Atrox, still screaming and trying to dislodge Atrox.
My mouth grabs onto the elbow and bites into it, and as I pull back, out come a tendon and several veins in my mouth, the blood flowing out of them, covering the Marine's armor in a beautiful crimson. My hand moves over to the Marine's helmet and stabs through the visor, slowly piercing the Marine's skull.
"this is taking too long. We're going to be seen." Julia thinks as she watches the attack. She turns her attention from the doomed marine to making sure their room is left undetected, she puts a field around It that should, in theory, discourage investigation.
The last marine, splutters, drowning in his own blood, and dies.
I scream in delight again and roll the Marine over. My serrated teeth slicing through the skin and bone of the Marine. The blood flows, and my claws start digging into his shoulders.
I return!

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