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More alarms sound and the sound of running feet is heard echoing through the hallways. If you stay put you will be severely out numbered.
I step away from my corner becoming human again. "We should leave. NOW!"
I drop down with a heavy thud and nod;
"Where to?.. the vents?"
I ask.
"Ooh yes, of course the vents! Nothing could go wrong there!" you hear Hneagh say in your mind.

Hneagh's bodily fluids evaporate, and he is gone.
I think for a second. "Yes for now but we still could use Drake."
Jeremy looked up. Some shrapnel being pushed out of his fleshly carapace. Still protecting his sister. "Someone will either need to help me carry her or drag her... She's uncooperative." He says about Shila.
"Right... vents..." Julia mutters. "What's to stop them from gassing us when we're in there?" She asks, louder
"Very well." I say. Yes, yes. It will be the perfect place to kill them. No, no, no. I am not going to kill them. But their flesh, unspoiled, the powers I could gain! No. No. I am not going to kill. I will not kill them. But they could prove worthy prey. "NO!" I yell out, Atrox retreating and I realize I am still eating the Marine. I pull my head away and step back to the wall, the Marine lying on the floor, his entire face removed, only a blood covered skull remained in sight. "Why?" I whisper to myself. "Why did I have to do this?"
"Dunno but unless you can come up with something better we go." I say walking over to Jeremy.
"Fair enough. I was just hoping that bringing my concerns to everyone would help find a solution, you know, two heads and all that"
Have we stopped for the evening?
I can keep going... just no replies yet. Have honestly been reading a ME3 fanfic while waiting for someone to post :)
I'm dead ATM, need more plot before I can rejoin.
I shift into a smaller version of an Aspiritaling as I approach Jeremy and his sister. "Put her on my back and I will carry her."
"Well...I suppose it's the best thing we've got right now." She also shifts form, into a standard zergling. "gah I hate doing that... does anyone else agree that turning yourself into another creature feels downright weird?
OOC: Alright guys, I'm off to sleep now. Talk more tomorrow
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IC: I roll my eyes at Julia. "Yes but we'll have to deal with it for now.
Jeremy just snarled at what a couple of the others just became... They are like monsters now but they can control it... The others... they'll always look like monsters. "Unless you can drag her atop of you and make sure she stays there... Be my guest."

Shila wouldn't budge. Planting her feet into the floor to get a good grip.
I nod as I walk up to Shila. "Hey calm down I won't hurt you but those marines that are coming will." I lay down so she can get on easier. I wasn't going to force her if I didn't have to. "Please get on and I'll keep you away from them."
Shila obeyed. Never wanting to trust them, not even her own brother now... But this thing... Raine was going to help her get away. She got on Raine.

Jeremy looked at this with some wonder.

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