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I would have smiled if I could have. "Thank you now would you mind laying out with your feet back and your arms around my neck?" I psionically send Shila a soft sweet smile as I start toward a large vent opening.
Shila shies away from the smile but her arms wrapped around the neck. One of them monstrous than the other. Her feet lay back as she does.
I stop a short distance from the vent. "Can someone get this out of the way please? but don't destroy it we don't want to let them know where we went." I shift slightly to get Shila in a comfortable spot for her and me.
"Consider it done."
I say simply, pulling the vent out with my 'wings' and setting it aside.
I nod and begin down the vent the others following. "Make sure to close the vent behind us."
OOC: sorry for not posting sooner guys, had IRL crap that needed to be done.

IC: Julia follows the pair into the vents, still unhappy with this idea, as well as the fact that they would be easy target practice for anyone who saw or heard them. However, pressed for time as she was, she was unable to come up with a better solution

Edit: signing off for the night
I silently stalk the vents looking for a good room to come out in.
ooc: i think this rp is dead

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