New harddrive to fix low fps bug

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So my GTX 560 can barely get 5 fps on lowest settings (lategame) in a 1v1 due to whatever that bug is thats causing massive fps drops on some computers. I've read the issue is related to slow harddrives, i currently have a 1.5TB 7200RPM hard disc drive and im wondering if i switch to a SSD would that likely solve the problem or do i need to just wait for a fix?
7200 RPMs is high enough. I use a 5400, and my only loading issues are because of the Intel GM45 Express chipset in this laptop. What processor do you have? Clock speed, number of cores, etc.
i7: 870 (4cores @ 2.93GHz+ hyper-threading), 8 gigs ddr4 ram, 802.11n WLAN card, 1000W PSU.

I can literally open up d3 and wow, run them both simultaneously at max setting beside sc2 and only sc2 with have fps issues. So im fairly certain it a sc2 optimization problem or something along those lines

Just wondering if a faster harddrive (cause a new GPU would cost a bit too much) would let me play the game without fps fears again (i played WoL on extreme and never went below 40fps in 4v4s)

I have room on in my tower for a 2nd harddrive and i wouldnt mind buying an SSD since im trying to get into starcraft again, but i dont wanna sink 100-200 bucks into something that wont actually make the game any more playable
Double check your in game graphic settings? Is AA on? Is it set to the native resolution of your monitor?

If your other games work fine, I think most likely your install got corrupt when upgrading from WoL to HoTS. It should run comfortably on high settings, GTX 560 is a decent card.

A faster hard drive won't help anything with FPS, only faster game loading times. Unless there is a bad sector and one of the starcraft files sits on it.. maybe do a scandisk?

Ask the tech support forum, or even better open up a trouble ticket with Blizzard. They might advise you to reinstall the game. Also check if there are any driver updates for your video card.

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