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Hello I am the creator of NeSw,

If you are looking for a small team of 20 or less players then we have what you are looking for. We started as a small group of only 8 players but have now grown to a healthy number of 16. We agreed to raise the max amount to 20 players and we wont go any higher.

As a team we do lots of team play and practice together. Whether its fun arcade monobattles or probes vs zelots or serious 1v1 obs practice to improve every aspect of our game whatever it is we are a family and we all help eachother out.

Unlike these bigger clans we do not accept everyone to become this giant multi game 1,000,000 member business. No we are players that actually want to be able to get to know everyone in the clan to know everyones skill level and find good practice partners.

As our team skill level grows so does our recruitment requirement. We started accepting everyone but as better players started coming we had to let go of the lower league (most were never active anyway). We now only ask for diamond players and above as we have more diamond then platinum players now. We will not drop any player that stays active and continues to play and improve we only drop the inactive players or the players that never ladder and only play arcade games for weeks.

My team has weekly practices which we host on thursday nights (will be moved) as well as clan vs clan battles and any online tournaments the officers and I decide for us to join. Even though we have our assigned practice dates as a team we are always active after 12:30pm and are practicing together to create new builds and new strategies.

If you like what you have read above come talk to me online or post any questions below. Feel free to come play some clan obs games with us if you us join us or if were just not what you were looking for no problem!

Hope to talk to you soon!
room for a masters terran?
Sounds like a great group, I'd be interested if you have room for a diamond toss.
we sure do!
Hi, I'm a diamond zerg, ATM im not playing a bunch (kinda waiting for the new patch/season to start.) But def looking for some people to play with.
More than welcome to have you as we just let a member leave :/.

Update:20 members
5 Masters
12 Diamond
3 Platinum
Sign me up. Message me MadCow #134. Maybe I can help out .

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