How come terran do not use nukes?

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More often anyways? Especially in pro leagues, I hardly ever see nukes used, and tvt there just seems to be many situations where it's effective. Plus free supply. Any reason it's just not used? Better energy spent towards ghost? Would rather save min for something else?
Because nukes suck and ghosts suck too.

Unless your opponent is some bronze league baddie the only time nukes are good is either killing larva from a hatchery in the very late game, or breaking down walls of static defense.

You can maybe get your opponent to unseige his tanks in TvT if he can't scan the ghost or he has no raven. I don't see that successfully happening all too often.
Because unless your army sits still for 20 seconds, you're more likely to nuke your own forces than the enemy.

Protoss have the best detection in the game - with observers scattered all over the map and easily on hand, it is all but impossible for a Ghost to survive long enough in any base to nuke it.

Zerg are worse off, but by the time nukes are a solid option, they will have multiple overseers and probably have good enough scouting through overlords to have known ghosts are on the field and will likely have spore-crawlers in the base by that point.

Terran = scan. Ghosts can EMP the CC, and that's their best bet.

Main problem: by the time you have enough ghosts and nukes on the field, you will have spent so much into it that the enemy army will steamroll you before you can inflict vital damage.
I'm only a silver but I try to use nukes just for the psychological effect. No matter who you are when you hear those 3 words "Nuclear Launch Detected" you panic. 20 seconds is a long time but if you got 3-4 bases and your looking for that little red dot sometimes you may not find them or get something there to kill them in time.
If I build ghosts and I have some gas lying around I try to arm the silo just so I have the option. The hard part for me is hitting that vital spot to make that nuke worthwhile. I don't even try to hit units because they can be moved and the nexus/cc/hatchery are the obvious targets. I try to go for the less important but have to replace stuff. Like tightly packed supply depots or those 2 pylons powering 6 gateways. Zerg I don't have much success with nukes on them just because I don't think there's a worthwhile structure I can one shot.
If I can I try to make a distraction while nuking. Drop some auto turrets at an expansion, do a drop somewhere, then drop the nuke while their attention is diverted. If the nuke fails then I bought the diversions time to do some dmg.
Again only a silver but I think the reason many people don't use nukes is because they don't see a master player using them often and assume they aren't worth using.
Also I get a kick out of watching the replay through my opponents eyes and see the camera fly everywhere when they hear "Nuclear Launch Detected" :)
Nuke aren't use because none want to invest in high risk vs High reward.Most go for deathball. Nukes are great if use well. Here is a game won by nukes in the late game, HtoMario just destroy his base with nuke.
High risk investment, hard to use, rarely work.
My friend became diamond by nuking a Protoss deathball. It was pretty funny.
They should use them more often.
They are very good in 4+ base situations, Nydus is the same.
They cost alot and theres not much of a reason to invests into ghosts anyway

IF both players go same unit Comp

THEN nuke/EMP is good.

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