YELLOW clan, diamond 300 points+, master/gm

Clans and Groups
only diamonds with 300 points+, masters and GM's allowed :( sorry to the lower leagues out there who cant join

pm me in game
effect #452
Anymore info?

Do you guys actually play vs other clans?
Expected level of participation? (Casual? Semi-Pro?)
Website that's updated frequently? (Clan war replays, clan coaching guides, etc...)
Do your coaches push only specific builds or a variety? (I personally, specialized in Mech and have had decent success with just self-learning.)

I may be interested but this sounds more like a badge than community.

Personally, I enjoy the game without a clan/group. I rest at top 25 Diamond playing very casual. (~5 to 10 games a week) with less than 400 wins under my belt Wol and HoTS combined.

I figure maybe I need to join a group of players and see what happens. I have Masters potential and wouldn't mind playing some tournaments for fun.

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