Zarkun Evolution Mission

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Have acquired brain of organism Zarkun. Flawed. Anger paths overactive. Sensory receptors damaged, causes hallucinations. Require enhancement. Two possible enhancements. Require volunteers to acquire useful sequences.

Await volunteers.
Winfestor at the ready!

Blrglbluhblublub here. Aka Overlord #15328765064.
Need additional volunteers. Awaiting one more.

Must create propaganda. Sending word to Kay-Oh! Incorporated.
Knarled... I hereby declare that you need to get into the DA chats if you haven't already...
I have things to discuss with you...

FIne, I'm there.

Preparing first test.

Planet Ryloth. World used to guide evolution. Feral Zarkuns released onto planet. Many generations, ordered to consume native Twi'Leks. Most, were killed. Survivors, adapted. Grew tentacles on head to appear more Twi'lek. Have better restraint. Acquire successful specimens. Destroy Twi'lek bounty hunters.

Drop pods crash onto the surface, releasing an overlord, a Winfestor, and a changeling.
The winfestor climbs on top of the overlord and drools on the overlord's back.
Several Zarkuns with tentacled heads mill about nearby.
The winfestor spews bile on the Overlord's head and points a tendril at the Zarkuns.

The overlord hover overs the Zarkuns. The infester spawns an infested terran (detonation) near the Zarkuns to see their reactions.

It licks the Overlord.
Silly. A blade to the gut~ A blade to the neck~ A blade to the knee~ A blade to the back~
The overlord flips and spins around, dumping the infestor on the ground. It proceeds to poop creep on the nearest of the feral Zarkuns.
The overlord gauns control of the feral Zarkuns.

Take Zarkuns. Find others. Kill bounty hunters in village.

Zarkuns: For the Bar...
For the record, I deny the existence of this thread.
For the record, I deny the existence of this thread.

By posting here, you acknowledge its existence.

The infestors stuffs some loyal zarkun inside of it and waddles on the ground towards the bounty hunters. Once it sees the camp, it burrows and awaits an opportune time to strike.
The overlord gathers the controlled Zarkuns inside of it and flies over the bounty hunters at high altitude, before dropping each them with pinpoint accuracy, falling though the atmosphere at terminal velocity.
The infester infests each Zarkuns with a special symbiotic organism inside of it, granting increased life, movement speed, hp regeneration, attack, and attack speed.

It pops out six eggs as the bounty hunters deal with the overlord.
I analyze the brain that KO has discovered. "Intruiging... So this is who's brain it was. On a side note..."

Zarkun, you did respond in a thread that you said that you that denied it's existence. ;)
Since you posted in this thread, you acknowledge it. ;3
GGlord reporting... am I too late?

*Curse my slow move speed!*
Bounty hunters dead. Test successful. Moving to next test.

Planet Kalkor. Valuable resources. Protoss forces present here.

Feral Zarkuns evolved unique ability: see through hallucinations. Reduce OPness of self and others. Must acquire.

Drop pods land and deploy Smylez, Xer, Owlfeathers, and SlnderBurito.

Destroy feral Zarkuns. Capture Zarkun Nest. Destroy Protoss Sentries.

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