[ZerO] Clan, L4 (high Dia/Master/GM in 1v1)

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Hello, I am the creator/leader of the clan [ZerO] Legion of the Darkness.

We are recruiting for active/skilled members all over the world.
This clan consists of ONLY diamonds (8%), mostly ALL masters (82%), and 15 Grandmasters (10%) players in 1v1. Yes, some are Korean GMs!!! There are 160+ members as of now.

We do:
  • Clan wars (3-4 per week)
  • inner clan wars between ZerO team A and B (1-2 per week)
  • in-clan tourneys w/ brackets (1-2 per week)
  • 1v1 Obs (peep mode as well)
  • Clan team games (2s, 3s, 4s or even random team!)
  • Practice partner against other dia/master/GM
  • And a lot more!
  • We have a group for all the members, its very active, so feel free to talk and play with other members. There is little to no BM at all! (and no spamming as well) =)

    If you are interested in joining this active/elite clan, add me and hit me up with message! :)
    ---------->>> My character code is 350 <<<----------
    Any question you may still may have, I'll be glad to answer them.

    **You can check us out the public channel " zero "
    **And yes, we have members who cast and stream clan wars and tourneys finals
    **We are currently setting up our website (link coming soon)
    **We have a Raidcall group and use Skype as well. (more features coming in the near by future).
    **If you stream, we can post your link in the news area.
    **Btw, I'm a Toss master in 1v1 (coaching if needed)
    Hey im on the verge between plat and diamond, im very interested in joining a clan of people who play a higher level than me cos i believe the better the people you practice against the better you ll become, so i guess im asking if it is a unbend-able rule to be diamond as im willing to put in the effort to make the jump.


    I like your spirit, hit me up with a message on sc2
    Oh i will do later on

    No problem, I'll be on later today!
    Yo SEA server Diamond Zerg! under the name of "SpaceRanger"
    I am looking for a clan that do 1v1 a lot to help eachother improve... Will you have me?
    Look no further, we do 1v1s obs with many other diamonds and masters, and even GMs as well. We sometimes rewatch the replay and discuss what to do. And we also have practice partner for whatever 1v1 level you are in! :) hit me up with a message
    I'll add you when I get home!
    72 members as of now, with 6 GMs :)
    <---- Diamond on the verge of masters Zerg, looking for a home.
    Cool see you there :)
    80 members as of now
    Starting a 2nd clan, more are welcome! :)
    Update: 107 members now/
    Update: 132
    I am interested in joining this clan. I'm on after.530 est. I am a high gold.1v1 and a plat.2v2. my rank doesn't.reflect my skills very well because Ive often lost matches because my.2 year old likes to climb stuff. and my gf hates sc. however I am a pretty decent player trying.to.reach gm level.
    Well this seems like a fun clan to be a part of. Question though, how often are tournaments held and are any games being streamed?
    Yes the clan wars and finals for in clan tourneys are cast/ steam
    We are currently setting up our official clan website, link coming soon :)

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