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In this thread, players may in their posts Attempt to do things.

An attempt could be anything from trying to Spawn Moar Overlords to eating cake to conquering the earth. All could potentially be fatal, or could make you rich!

I (or another qualified person) will roll a die to determine your level of success.

Providing example:

I attempt to cook a pot of soup.

Roll 1, lethal failure. Bob's soup is so bad that he dies instantly and his body is charred to ashes on the spot. Bob is now ashes: Dead.

Roll 2, failure. Bob's soup tastes awful, so bad he begins vomiting violently. Bob is now Vulnerable.

Roll 3, grey area. Bob eats a bowl of the soup, but it's not appealing. He leaves the rest. Bob is now either Fine or Vulnerable, dependent on magnitude of attempt. Cooking soup is mundane. He is Fine.

Roll 4, success. Bob makes a delicious soup. He eagerly eats it all. Bob is now Fine.

Roll 5, great success. Bob's soup is so good he opens a soup restaurant, which is immediately successful. Bob is Good.

Roll 6, extreme success. Bob's soup is fantastic! It raises his psionic index by 2 and gives him eternal life. Bob is Great.

You may get tags from actions. THis is what they mean. Keep in mind that I might not enforce them if I take pity on you, get irritated by you, or am simply too lazy.

Tag scale:

Exiled - out of the game unless someone specifically summons him. Cannot roll.

Dead - could be revived accidentally or on purpose. -2 to all rolls.

Injured - not in the best shape. -1 to all rolls.

Vulnerable - off balance. -1 to Dodges.

Fine - nothing wrong here.

Good - feels pretty good. +1 to all rolls.

Great - things are going very well. +2 to all rolls.

Giddy - sick with happiness. +3 to non-Dodge rolls.

Prepared - ready for anything. +2 to Dodges.

Godlike - SOMEBODY STOP HIM! +3 to all rolls. Cannot be Killed, Exiled, or Injured.

All players begin Fine. If higher than Fine, will lose one rank each turn. If lower, action must be taken to raise rank.

If someone Attempts to do something nasty to you, you have to Roll 2 Dodge. The die will be rolled for you to determine how much damage you suffer, if any.

In addition to being a qualified operator of the DIce of Power, I also represent the Celestial Court, to which you can appeal if you are Exiled for a couple of turns or if you feel you've been wronged.

Zanon is also a qualified Roller.
smylez is also a qualified Roller

Anyone else who thinks they have what it takes may apply to the Celestial Court for a chance at Rolling the Dice. If "we" like your work you could become qualified.

Everything from the previous thread carries over, however all modifiers are reset to fine (dead people ate still dead)

Make your Attempts.
I suppose it's too late to officially approve you...
I attempt to use Excalibur to resurrect myself.
I try to raid the station again with 4 REAL Dafah zealots, as I NEED DEM STALKER TECHNOLOGY!
Huh? What are you talking about?
I don't know, what are you talking about?
Beats me.

OOC: Why do the dice so love supaflyz?

I drop a beacon on supaflyz, designed to attract the Borg fleet's threat recognition software.
I roll a 1D6 to obtain Owl's presence in Rising Tides so it doesn't die completely.
CrymsonRaven rolls a 4!
The Ork Waaagh descends. It's not quite the WAAAAGH! you were hoping for.

KnarledOne rolls a 3!
You give him the crystal but it's memory bank is corrupted.

Jester rolls a 4!
Well, Zarkun will be back. In two rolls of course.

Zarkun rolls a 4!
Some remanent of Excalibur's power is dormant within you. You will return after this roll.

laughup rolls a 6=5!
You got your STALKER TECHNOLOGY and you take over the base too.

owlfeathers rolls a 6!
All of the Borg's orbital bombardment weapons aim for supaflyz. They recognize supaflyz as a code black threat and send everything, and I mean everything at him. The Borg will have to reload for 3 rolls.

supaflyz r2d with a 6!
The missiles, the viral agents, phasers and lasers come crashing down on you and the entire area you are at is pounded for kingdom to come. Yet still, you stand. Still, you emerge from the carnage unharmed. Are you a god or a demon?

The Borgs do not fear. Perhaps they should fear you now, for all resistance appears to be futile before your presence.

+3 to all rolls!
+3 to all rolls!

Invade Hell and claim the throne for myself.

Raise a cult of supaflyz from the survivors of the great battle.
Have Sovereign summon the rest of the Reapers.

Have my Ork WAAAAaGH! assault South America... They need to breed a bigger, badda WAAAAAGH!
This die is too evil. It is clearly alive as it is showing favoritism. TWO 6 rolls for supaflyz's actions. TWO! WTF IS WITH THIS? I will eat my hand if he gets another 6...

LK supaflyz rolls a 6+3=9! 100% PWNAGE!
Not only are you ruler of hell and removed Jester from power, all of Hell unquestionably accept you as their one and only king. Not even the gods of Olympus dare raise an objection. You have complete domain over Hell. Even the gods fear you.

Human supaflyz rolls a 6!
The survivors of the battles eat up your story. They all worship Lich King supaflyz as their dark and malevolent master. You did a good deed today giving these poor souls DEATH!

CR rolls a 4!
First action only, Soverign summons an additional 10 reapers from the Mass relay.

KO, how does the godlike modifier work?
Upon resurrection, reforge Excalibur.
I roll a 1D6 to obtain Owl's presence in Rising Tides so it doesn't die completely.
OOC: Sorry, been sick and only posting on my iPad. I'll post tonight.

Supaflyz has been identified as a significant threat to the continued existence of the universe. Kill it with fire. Fire which randomly comes out of the ground in an attempt to incinerate supaflyz.

Now as I continue...

I then find out that there's one way to defeat ze Godlike... I turn into a Reaper.
I attempt to use my powers as Champion of The Forces Of Order to resist this mind control.
I attempt to negotiate with the Borg by alerting them to the arrival of the reapers, showing them the ending of ME3 and asking "is this really how you want this to end?"

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