Roll-2-Dodge San!

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4- Great Success- You attack with minimal casualties. The Protoss are now your enemy. You are fine.

You must make an offering and wish within the same post.
But I will tell you that offering something that you didn't have before that post won't cut it. Not by a long shot.
I get a flock of sheep.
Offer Excalibur!
Nay! Tis my only hope against the darkness of the world!
Zarkun rolls a 6!
You have a flock of golden sheep.
Takes the first born lamb and offers it to the court, wishing that supaflyz would be stripped of his god like status, his role as king of the underworld and his lich powers.
I wish that supaflyz was reset to Fine status, in exchange for... hmm. Not too much I can actually give at this point.

...In exchange for the continued existence of the universe, as supaflyz will cause it to implode otherwise.
The celestial court is horrified. You are trying to give away another living creature to save your own sorry skin? Denied.

. . . No. The Court strikes at you for daring to ask for something and offer something in return that is not yours to give. Denied.
You are injured. (Or dead, if you are injured already)
Offers golden fleece instead for the same wish.
OOC: I don't think I was injured before. Then again, supaflyz got a dodge roll of 10 against me, resulting in generic gibberish. So... I don't know if I'm alive or not?
The other half of the court (including the Chief Justice) considers.

They decide things are getting a little out of hand. WHile they won't nerf supaflyz outright, they may consider throwing you a useful weapon.
I take the weapon.
If you sacrifice something interesting.

The Court considers your offering of golden fleece.

Unfortunately, one of them is allergic to sheep. He goes into a sneezing fit and nearly dies. Your gift has been rejected.
I attempt to build a Super Kitten Laser.
I attempt to turn Mecha into a pile of ash and urinate on that pile.
Cursing to myself, I offer my secret island resort.
Rolled 3, grey area.

You created a laser pointer. But hey, it is great for playing with kittens.

Rolled 4, success.

MechaGhidrah must Roll-2-Dodge!
Rolled 2, failure.

You have been incinerated and, apparently, turned into a litterbox.

Rolling to determine existence of resort (-1 to result)...

Rolled 5 (-1), success.

We are inspecting the resort now. We'll get back to you.
Prays the cleaning crew did their job.
Rolled 4, success.

Your prayer is answered.

OK, we've decided that your resort was a suitable sacrifice In fact, we managed to get the justices who were against your case to go on a vacation to that very spot.

We are now prepared to offer you... the Dice of Power.

Use them well.

They will give you +1 to all rolls and the following powers.

Rule of Three:
Better results on a roll of 3.

Four is Death:
Anytime someone rolls a 4 (only if the die actually showed 4, modifiers don't count for this) you can choose to make it a Critical Failure.

USe them wisely and benevolently. GO forth!
I attempt to steal the die.

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