Roll-2-Dodge San!

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I repel SF then attempt to replace supaflyz with Jester as ruler of the underworld.
Human supaflyz:
Offer my own soul to become an arch lich for LK supaflyz and lead his crusade.

Lich King supaflyz:
Merge the realities of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory into one dimension.
I attempt to convince someone to turn me back into a human.
I attempt to post in this crazy thread.
I try to murder everyone Mecha talks to before they can.

shadowfury rolls a 3!
You have a die, but it's just a regular ol' die.

Zarkun rolls a 6+1=7
You have successfully installed Jester back as King of the underworld.

Human supaflyz rolls a 2!
Congratulations, your soul has reincarnated as a fly.

Lich King supaflyz rolls a 6+4=10!
Who needs to be ruler of the underworld when you can rule ALL of the universe? Congratulations, you have merged all three realities as one and demonstrated mastery over time and space itself. You are omniscient over all three domains and chaos rules supreme as the forces of heaven, hell, and purgatory rage against one another on Earth. Have you finally ascended into godhood? You are godlike.

MechaGhidrah rolls a 5!
The nyan cat statue turns you back into a human.

morrjo rolls a 2!
-DELETED- Try again.

shadowfury rolls a 6!
Consider it done. Whoever MechaGhirdah speaks too, you 'll not be too far off to attempt an assassinate of your target...-1 to the person's dodge that you target.
I !@#$% slap SF a thousand times before turning him into a pop tart.
I attempt to turn Mecha back to ash.
I attempt once again to join into this craziness, taking mindful care of the data vamps that ate my previous post.
I attempt to appeal that supaflyz is manipulating the dice roller.
MechGhidrah rolls a 5!
The slap with a thousand slaps is inbound!

shadowfury r2d with a 5!
But Zarkun smartly moves out of the way!

Shadowfury rolls a 2
You burn yourself as you attempt to turn mechaGhidrah to ash. You should handle flammable objects with more care.

morrjo rolls a 2!

The courts wants something worthwhile before they even consider your case.
I try to bite smylez's head of.
I fire up my laptop, filled with the tools of my trade and attempt to exterminate the irritating cause of my missing posts.
I try to open a portal to the dimension of Never Ending Kittens.
shadowfury rolls a 6!
Waste of a roll considering my status. Too bad, if you bit supaflyz's head off, maybe something good would have happened.

morrjo rolls a 2!
-BREACH DISCOVERED!- The laptop explodes at your lap. You are vulnerable.

MechaGhidrah rolls a 4!
Kittens! They come out through the portal with some frequency.
I flip a nearby table, then go and attempt to diagnose what the hell just happened to my laptop.
I utilize my last roll to spawn a gate to a realm of dogs to decimate the realm of kittens and Mecha.

smylez randomly summons a Blizzard character!
Diablo has been summoned to the realm! The Lord of Terror is a special NPC hostile to everyone and nullifies all modifiers between him and a person (but he will not reset it)! Diablo cannot be swayed, made vulnerable, injured, or killed and lasts for 10 rolls! He will only target people he deems to be worthy!

morrjo rolls a 6!
You build a supercomputer and all is good.

shadowfury rolls a 6!
So in addition to the previous 6, you get another 6. Fortune smiles upon you as the dogs rush the cute adorable cats. You feel good.

MechaGhidrah must r2d with a 6!
Them cute adorable cat can be so fierce at times. They may be smaller than dogs, but they are much feistier and have very sharp claws. They fight back the dogs.
I warp in a gateway to give the dog's stalker support.

And as an entire separate roll I request Diablo attacks supaflyz.
Now with a fresh new supercomputer, I begin utilizing it to control the stock market and attempt to amass vast amounts of money through playing the market!

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