Roll-2-Dodge San!

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I summon the Giant Flying Laser Kitten to destroy SF's forces.
Summon Yagdra and have him kill Mecha.
Offers up the sword of fire, Ignus.
Decide to give mecha my zealot and stalker support, while constantly reinforcing with warp gates from the station and mining base i conquered.
I attempt to summon the great and powerful Rak'nashal (the 'Demon') at laughup's base, if I succeed it will end with everything he has at the base to be (mostly) decimated.
Now that just ain't nice.
"Well you chose the wrong side. I must take proper actions to ensure the victory of the dogs."
"I only did it because you a tyrant and need to be stopped."
"I did it because I want to keep the world from being overrun by Mecha and his obsession with cats."
"But cats are fluffy! D:"
"But dogs are more useful, and usually more energetic."
"but cats aren't as loud and distracting."
"Only for a short time, then they are peaceful creatures, sleeping in a nice cute ball."
And snore. My cat snores. Loudly. Then again, she is a bit (being somewhat of an understatement) messed up in the head.
Shadowfury rolls a 1! (Only the first action mentioned will be rolled!)
Your dogs flee in terror before the terrible entourage of kittens that pour forth from your gateway. Worse, the Nyan cat itself has emerged. You are vulnerable.

morrjo rolls a 3!
High speed derivatives are too much for you to grasp and you end up where you started financially.

MechaGhidrah rolls a 5!
The Giant Flying Laser Kitty unleashes a beam of friendship and hope on Shadowfury!

Shadowfury r2d with a 3!
Could be worse. A lot worse if your loyal dog didn't throw itself in front of the beam to defend you.

Jester rolls a 1!
You got Yagdra out but he's rather pissed at the idea of following orders from someone else than himself. You breathes acid fire on you and you are lacerated with burns of the second degree. You are vulnerable.

Laughup rolls a 2!
Someone has destroyed the pylon! Where is the pylon? How can you warp anything in without a pylon?! And all of your units are trapped within the matrix.

Diablo has chosen supaflyz! Diablo rolls a 3!
Diablo shoots a fairly weak fireball to test the waters...

supaflyz r2d with a 4!
The fireball is extinguished by supaflyz's own frostsphere.

I was offering it to the Court, not a roll.
Ahem, long day. Sorry. Will fix now.

The courts agrees that it is sufficient and asks what is your wish since they are old forgetful geezers.
Obtain godhood

Reincarnate as human
Remind the court that I requested that supaflyz be returned to Fine status as he's manipulating the die roller.
You must make an offering and wish within the same post.

Not to jump on you or anything, but you were specifically told this several pages ago.

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