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Smylez, in my first summon rejection, you forgot to add the dice of power for my roll.

Right, you got that buff. Either way, you still end up at supaflyz's location 'cause it'll be a 2.

LOL still rolled a 6 for LK supaflyz. Gosh darn it!
Get my troops through the matrix and return home.
3+3=6 You deliver a crushing monologue.

6- Extreme Success- Smylez's soul is now OP.

1 (+1 Against Monologue)= 2
But wait!
The Lych King must Roll 2 Doge!
3+3=6 Effortless evasion.

3- You appear a mile away from the Lych King... Wait... You got your assassin stuff back!

4- Teleport successful. . . Where are you? You are lost.

4- You are homeward bound.
EDIT: Disregard this post. It'll stay for the lull. Also, ZANON IS A NINJAAAAAAAA!

sigh....third times a charm right? RIGHT?!

LK supaflyz rolls a 6+3=9!
You should get an award for staying godlike for so long. You laugh at their pathetic and vain attempts to kill you. You begin to speak of the most darkest and heinous things you will do to them when you get your hands on them. Your hollow words strikes a fearful chord in everyone's heart. They all know you mean business and they all know you are more than capable of doing this. Everyone is injured (mentally).

Arch Lich supaflyz rolls a 1!
Luckily, you are on your master's side so you don't get hit with the -1. Unfortunately, you extreme failure over such a tantalizing soul has earned the ire and disapproval of your master as you managed to exile smylez. -1 to your roll

Jester rolls a 1-2=-1!
A negative value? The Lich King supaflyz grabs the axe when you attempt to swing it down and smashes it in your skull with the power of the universe. You are exiled and you cannot be revived.

Zarkun rolls a 3+1-2=2
You pee yourself and cannot utter the proper phrase to teleport the heck out of there.

Shadowfury rolls a 5-2=3!
You single handily charge into the cat line.

MechaGhidrah must r2d with a 4-2=3!
Your cats are down to their last lives.

Owlfeather rolls a 4-2=2!
You manage to teleport closer to supaflyz. Good job

laughup rolls a 3-2=1!
The matrix collapses and you lose all of your men inside of it. Worse, you are facing a demigod. You could really use those 3/3/3 zealots right now.

(4) Diablo attacks Lich King supaflyz, rolls a 5!
Lich King supaflyz rolls a 4!
Diablo grazes supaflyz's armor!
Ha, I use my power of Rule of Three for a better result!
Ha, I use my power of Rule of Three for a better result!

How do you think you got your assassins stuff?
I attempt to give The Lich King a live (and ticking) nuclear bomb.
@smylez Too bad only my shields were upgraded at 3 XD

I search for a protoss research station to get sentry's, immortals, and observer tech.
04/22/2013 07:38 PMPosted by Zanon
Ha, I use my power of Rule of Three for a better result!

How do you think you got your assassins stuff?

I was unaware.
4- "Hold this please."

3- You found all the buildings... but not a pylon in sight.
Train an order of Assassins to defeat the Cult of Supaflyz.
Leave the still ticking (1 d6 'turns' till boom) nuke as a gift and run like hell.
2- Wait, you want to train an order of assassins less than a mile from the Lych King?

1- Turn (s) to boom.
2- You trip and fall. Everyone who tries to escape the blast must overcome a terrain hazard... our very own Warhawk.
I go to my mining base with my mothership, pick up 10000 minerals, twelve probes, six stalkers And eight zealots and go the basei found.
Make a vote to no longer allow smylez to roll dice, as he is a biased roller.
"Hit and RUN!"
I jetpack away from the bomb like hell, taking 1 scv and 400 minerals to establish a base elsewhere.
I attempt to become a roller.
I move to a castle in Ireland to train my new Order of Assassins.
Get up and keep running.

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