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Furthermore Blizzard's graphics engine is so far out of date I don't think flashy graphics will save them any more.

I mean take a look at this:

Here are some screens:

You compare the best of Blizzard to indie startup ventures like this and you can see that they are rapidly falling behind.

Even better, War Thunder is throwing all the normal rules and proportions out the window because this game stress hardware less than StarCraft 2's graphics engine does.

Excellent job comparing the graphics / graphics engine of a RTS to a TPS. This may sound a little mean, but please don't think that making a map from the SC2 editor means you know anything about game production/development. I know this assumption doesn't apply to everyone, but should be justified for people who make ignorant posts like these.

Please don't take it personally. Was just frustrated by the amount of ignorance in this post.

Pray tell what a graphics engine really does?

I'm not drawing on my SC2 mapping experience for this. I'm drawing upon what I've learned for my CS program so far. I've also learned a few things about making models in general (and have been recruited for projects outside of SC2).

Now instead of being a simply sheep, lets go into what a graphics engine does shall well?

A graphics engine takes a simulated 3d environment and projects that onto a grid/array that then gets sent as color to your monitor. A pixel is simply a block of color or one square in that array.

Obviously that is extremely over simplified but I was attempting to put it in sheep language. What the engine is designed for is irrelevant to a large degree. If I am in War Thunder and I put my F6F Hellcat into a vertical dive I would all of a sudden have the exact same camera environment that StarCraft 2 uses.

All of a sudden both of them are RTS graphics engines. The have the same visuals and do exactly the same thing. Nevertheless War Thunder has much more detail than StarCraft 2.

Now I've had a fair bit more than just SC2 mapping at this point to back up what I'm saying. The fact remains that StarCraft 2 is falling behind. Its also apparent that you are being an ignorant sheep because its also apparent that, as far as graphics goes, the game being and RTS or a TPS has no relevance to the issue what so ever.

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