Friend suggested terran to me. But..

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I just can't get the macro down! He said because of my apm and aggression terran would most likely be more fitting for me. Simply because right now protoss just isn't my thing, hate playing the defensive, and personally I always thought terran.. was the defensive, haha. Anyways what are some key tips when macroing terran? Preferably top dia + level, as I need to keep up with that pace at least.

As of right now, I'll hotkey like this.
5 cc
4 rax
3 factory
2 sp
1 main army
6((q)) any unit I'm using for drops

However I'm still finding myself to be over saturated, not making enough units. Is the saturation for terran much easier than toss? Perhaps I'm making too many scvs or keeping too many mid game? Lastly, what are some tips to splitting the army? As of right now, I'm constantly running in with a ball of bio, like I'm still protoss, haha.
You have to play aggressive and do drops and put on a lot of pressure against all races. The only race you can play deathball with is mech against terran, but its also still good to put on pressure/ drops. Whenever you bank a lot of money get extra rax and check the number of scvs you have it shouldn't go over 24/24. MKP splitting is tough, but less micro intensive things are like putting all your marauders in front of your marines and stim your marines and stutter step back against banes, it takes practice to split like MKP or anyone that is that good as him.

65-75 on 3 base. Start your 3rd early depending on what they are doing with their 3rd.
Against zerg have a earlier 3rd because zergs can get 3 base with no problems. Make sure your money is always low, scout hard with scans/ scvs and mule hard.

Post a replay though, it is much easier to explain what you are doing wrong because for all i know, you have 1 rax per base or something lol.
Here's replay of me tvt. :( Honestly I'm so bad with terran compared to my protoss lol
Don't play terran but...

I've seen a lot of pros use one hotkey for all of their production facilities. This way, you can just tab between buildings and use all your newly-free hotkeys for splitting groups of units off. Hope this helps!
Ahh, never thought of that actually, thanks! That would definitely help, considering I'll have those hotkeys free for something else :)

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