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Hey guy's looking to join a clan, i am not new to starcraft but i tend to play it on the "Casual" level, but i would also love to play with people and be part of a clan and of course "socialize".
so if anyone is interested in having me join their clan i would love to.
You sound like you would be a perfect fit for a group I am in called Clan KIP. The clan was founded in 1999 as a sc:bw clan. We are more of a casual/social clan without a formal power hierarchy or hardcore skill requirements. Our members are all good people, most have been with the clan for years. I personally have been a member for about 7 or 8 years. We are mostly older gamers but the ages of our members range from late teens to mid/late 30's. I would say all of our members are quite mature which is also a plus.

We like to socialize, do 1vs1s, practice together, do team league games like 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc, we do custom games, and we also do crazy things like monobattles sometimes just for fun.

Let me know if you're interested or find us in game. Feel free to message me for more information.
Hey Arch, the clan sounds like it is a lot of fun and i would be very interested in joing
Hey Arch, the clan sounds like it is a lot of fun and i would be very interested in joing

Alright, I am actually about to leave work now. I should be able to log in to b.net in about an hour, or an hour and a half. I will send you an invite then. Also, feel free to add me to your friends list and send me a message if you see me on.

Arch #787
ok sounds good, i am also about to head home from work in about 2 hours from now, so i well log on to b.net then. and thank you again.
Hey I am interested in joining you clan. May I join by any chance?
Hey man, can i join? I play often but more of a casual player but i want to practice some 1v1's with someone friendly. Let me know.

FeverClan Gaming Allows you to be in more then one clan at a time! just a fun / friendly casual MULTI Game clan.

With a large sc2 Section. With weekly arcade nights. Monthly tournaments and clan wars and much more fun stuff!

Check us out anytime!

Clan OverDosed was founded by Shraps and Slipknot on December 03, 2001

Clan OD has been out for many years, and has a strong member-base; always gaming with one another as a Team, with an excellent amount of Staff Members, & Administration, always there about 24/7, to help out members with all types of questions, concerns, problems, and etc. Clan OD is m25 Rank Structure Clan, and you have many possibilities to climbs ranks if you do the following. logging in on a daily basis, show interest that you want to be here, Staying active in primary game or other games that OD may support, Ventrilo, and any type of communication tool that helps us see the activity. I would suggest & is recommended to use AIM for any type of Communication within Clan OD as almost every member uses it. 3rd Party programs will not be tolerated so no botting. BM = Bad Manners will not be accepted.

Clan OD is a Multi-Gaming Clan. Overdosed currently has divisions in CS 1.6, Diablo2 LOD, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Broodwar, and many other games. If you do not play any games, and would like to join the Community as well? You are always welcomed to join as that is an option also when filling out the Join Application. Maybe you want to join the Graphics Department? and help out. The decision is yours.

Requirements on Becoming a Potenial OD Member.*

(MUST Pass your 7 Day Trial Period to become a Potenial Member.)

Website: http://www.overdosed.net

Join Application: http://www.overdosed.net/index.php?view=Apply

Forums: http://forum.overdosed.net/

Your Recruiter will be me: Sil3NtKilL(OD)*

Clan OverDosed has been a stable in Battle.Net Clans since 2001 and dominating other bnet clans, and is still going strong. Now, that some of our Brood War players are staying in Brood War, we are looking for fresh recruits into the new StarCraft 2 division. First of all, we are looking for any player Master and up, but if you are Gold & lower we are opening a New Division for lower league members.
We are looking for mostly Casual players that like to play 1v1's and team games.We also have an "Elite" group that will play in Clan Wars, and do different ladders that happen to pop up in the future. We are always praticing with each other, and learning New Strats & Strategies to become better players in the future.

This is just some quick, brief information about the clan, but if you have anymore questions, just shoot me a PM and I will talk to you more. Also, you can add Silentkill.874 on StarCraft 2 will talk more about you being a Potential Overdosed Member.

Hope to hear from you soon.

If you are having any trouble by using this Join Application function. My contact info is below. I'm available for any type of questions, problems, concerns you may have. And I will help you throughly with the Recruitment Process.

AIM: OD sil3ntkill OD
BNET Channel: Clan OD
Hey Ttime,

If you're 25yrs or older check out The Older Gamers. To get an idea of what we're about, here is a page I put together to showcase what the team offers;

Also the teams website is

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Look forward to hearing from you!

TOG SC2 Division Captain

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