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Im looking for a clan that can help me go from diamond to masters. I want to be able to practise more specific aspects of my play for each matchup in a more lighthearted enviornment and more efficient way then i can accomplish on ladder.

I am also more then happy to help those below my level improve. I really feel like breaking down this game for others actually help me understand at the same time. Forcing my intuition into coherant statements for others is just a good thing to do for both parties.

Anyway its hulud#387 i play at least 3 hours a day.
Hi Hulud!
i think our clan may be a step closer to masters for you, clearly joining isnt going to get you promoted but we have alot of players plat/diamond really pushing there game to that next level. we have clan divisions like most, divided up with a (diamond+) and b(plat below) both of these teams will be able to help you out our a players could really help push your individual match-ups and if your hungry to do some coaching the b players would love the feedback.

The thing i get the most out of coaching is you have to go back to the very basics to solve most of the lower league issues which commonly are the same issues im having just at a higher level and i agree both party's get something from this.

If your quite analyitical alot of our players have been playing matches then taking the time to analysis the replays together; regardless if your coaching or playing someone your own level i feel this will help you reinforce the basic concepts of the game.

anyway if your interested have a look at our website vansc.ca
or our "official" forum thread is here: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/7811022275
it contains all the great things we have to offer
i will try to get you ingame but with the time differences im not going to promise you anything
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