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Hello everyone,
im not looking for a clan per say im looking for a community that practices with each other.. like every day or something like that im a high ranked silver and just want to get better.. let me know if u know of anywhere i can go to to find a place like this.. i used to be a part of one then it went under for lack or communication and commitment..

P.S. msg me if u have a clan or group in mind
Hey Gabriel, check us out!


More info on the clan/group can be found on our website: taw.net

We are all about having fun and improving :) We recruit all skill levels.
Hi there Gabriel :) I think my clan would honestly be perfect for you (Dark Onyx)
We have practices every monday and wednesday nights at 9pm EST, and have a weekly King of the Hill event on Fridays at 9pm EST. We are really friendly and have players on every day who are willing to practice with you, look at replays with you, and more to improve your play. If you're interested plase check us out and apply!


If you have any more questions though, please email me at DOxSquids@gmail.com, i am happy to answer any questions!
We are small and have quite a bunch of noobs but we have a good time and practice everyday. Check us out and give us a try alright? RotNerds.com let me know if you have any questions.

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