Automatic race switch after joining party

Bug Report
This has happened to be about 5 times since the game has came out which have costed me losses. I will select Protoss at the main menu but it wont stick and will randomly switch back to Terran if I join a party with someone. PLEASE FIX. And when I leave the party, my 1v1 selected race will be Terran. PROOF:

Before joining the party:

After joining the party:

After leaving the party the race remains the same:
I've had this issue too! my two terran games are proof >_>
Nice Point.
yup, same here. at least 5 games that i can remember, one I actually won because of mass thors lol.
Same issue here.
It's very annoying. It seems to happen only if you're in the F2 menu when you create a party.
It also happens if simply go out of the menu then go back to matchmaking usually when you first log on, sometimes it lags and simply doesn't fix, sometimes you simply don't notice and you end up playing t in 1v1 or whatever mode you select.
Please fix! Make our selection saved between different modes!
I've run into this ~5 times when I 2v2.

I usually consider this a free excuse to do TLO's 1-base 6-barracks build.
Cut SCVs at 24, build 5 extra barracks when you get to 650 minerals. push after 1-2 rounds of marines.
better yet, switch to glorious master terran race!
Same problem for me as well
Same issue here, posted about it before. They need to change this.
Yes, this needs to be fixed!
Hahaah yeah it was weird. This actually happened to my opponent on ladder. He said he had toss selected but it automatically switched him to Terran. Easy win though! :P
Thank you all for bringing this issue to our attention. We are aware of this bug and will be addressing it in our next upcoming patch. We don't have an exact date to provide at this time, but we'll be posting more information on the blog once the patch draws nearer.
Well we all know that the developers like the Terran race the best. They're just encouraging you to play it more often.
Make sure this stupid !@#$ing bug is fixed next patch.

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