Game crashing all the time

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Am I the only one who's getting these? I've lost about 3-4 games with this error and my game inevitably crashing.

Game crashing:

System specs:
CPU: i5 3570k IvyBridge 3.4 ghz (4 cores)
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 550 ti 1gb
RAM: 8gb
Display resolution: 1920 x 1080
So this is not exactly specific. It is a random application hang and if you actually end task it, the event viewer will report an application hang...

To note, not all Application Hangs are actual complete lock ups. The program simply has become unresponsive and many times if you click wait, they come back. Clicking anywhere on a unresponsive application will force that little window to pop up you got, but sometimes windows brings it up itself as well. Regardless, the application is unresponsive but that could because of anything.

Can you be a little more detailed in when this occurs?

Having asked that, I would suggest updating your video driver as I see you are using an Nvidia card. This literally solves most problems with games, so always start there.

You did not say what version of windows you are using, however that looks like windows 7 however if I look harder at it... It starts to look more like Windows Vista and that is just scary in itself.

Regardless, update your video driver. Even if you THINK you have the latest video driver, go check on nvidia's website under download drivers.

There is also another weird app hang issue and it relates to Sound Channels. Most players will not mess around with the Sound Channels unless they are using a good Sound Card, not on board sound. Most players think that just because they have a good Sound Card that they can pump the Sound Channels up to full. This WILL cause issues and is something you have to tweak for a bit until you find your happy medium.

However if you don't want to screw around with that and you are one of the people who messed with the Sound Channels in game, bring it back down to 64 channels and don't worry about it for now.

This is just a few things that may help based on the limited information of the problem you reported, hope that helps. I am betting you just need to update your video driver (Nvidia updates their GeForce drivers quite frequently).
Im having the same problem and unable to play the game. This is happening after the release of the last patch. I ahve an nvidia video card and will try your solution and tell what happens here.

Thank you.
It didnt worked. It stills crash, jsust tried a game a minute ago.
Hi everyone:

Found this.

lets hope this issue gets fixed soon.
lowering the graphics worked for me.

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