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Hello everyone, this is my first time in the forum, but I have done several rps of other types. This is a character that I have used for a number of them, modded slightly for the storyline and for personality as of age.

Name: Julia Rale
Description (physical) tall for her age, with dark hair and pale blue eyes, when a human

Mutations/powers a true successor, Her psionics are on the weak end for successors, and she prefers to use them in non brute force ways as a result. Her focus is also more mental than physical, more involved in making the enemy not fight at all as opposed to stopping him once he has started.

Favorite form: she prefers the queen form, as it is a support position, which is where she believes that she belongs on a battlefield. She had made some modifications to the base genetic structure, of course. Her queen form has projectiles that can be launched at any angle, allowing farther range against ground forces, as well as a larger focus on transfusion in exchange for the normal hive expanding abilities like spawn creep tumor and larvae, as she does not plan to be working in a hive any time soon. Her features in this form are also slightly more aesthetically terran, although this is more psychological for her than of any real value.

Personality/insanity: a scientific mind, and raised to be so, she is less angry with the experiment period, and more with the fact that it was performed on unwilling subjects. As a result she will be less disgusted with the condition, and more curious as to its limitations and powers. She still considers herself fully human, as humanity to her is less biology and more psychology.

Backstory: raised on an inner world, she was given a good life by dominion standards, education, mostly with the help of her father, an innovative scientist and researcher, specializing in quantum phenomenon and theory. Under his care, Julia and her brother Matthew excelled in the sciences and in other areas. Julia was more scientifically minded, while Matthew was attracted to the engineering and applied side. The dominion discovered her psionic potential, and dragged her off to testing.

(Edit, removed infested terran form)
Hello, Dahrkenrahl, and welcome. Now i would agree with you that infested terran is a zerg form, but it is not really a species seeing as there is no lore suggesting they can reproduce or be morphed from larvae. That, and the fact that the mutants are supposed to have the more infested feel, rather then the smooth, grafted feel of the Successors, I would request that you change the Infested Terran part. Other then that, looks good. Edit your character and i will post it on the char sheet
Alright, I'll give you that, although I did wonder about that in-game, as the goal of any infestation is to get it to the point that it can be morphed from larva... so why not terran... maybe abathur answered that. Anyway, will get right on that.
Okay, looks good! Character added.
I edited enough (sorry it's sloppy, tired) that it should be ok. I play insane characters, and mutants are insane by nature, so should be fun.

Name: Hneahgh
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Looks like an average 16 year old with brown hair and rainbow eyes (change color based on mood, so just before he becomes Baneling-y) until happy/excited/mad/sad/angry/bored/anything.

Mutations/Zergy powers: Mutant (Baneling, Baneling. Doesn't entirely explode upon attack, merely a sac of Baneling juice. Must recharge.) Hneagh's baneling sacs are located in several sneaky places, and he is immune to his own poison (please?), so an effective last-resort attack is to discharge all those sacs on him at once. Doesn't look pretty for anything in the radius, including his precious hair and beer.

Personality/Insanity: Flat-out insane, though is human enough to appear sane for a few hours on end. Sometimes.
Backstory: Hneahgh used to be named Bob. Bob was a normal Terran boy, until slight psionic powers forced him away from his pals and his illegal drinking. Alcohol, it appears, reacts unfavorably with the baneling mutation. As such, he looks like a "normal" baneling Mutation, or at least as normal as the other two. However, the beer has blocked him from fully exploding, so he flings parts of himself/beer.
Because Hneahgh is a raging alcoholic, finding a Joey Ray's ( is a good idea.
Okay fair enough I suppose.. Character added.
Considering making an Infestor-like character after Hneagh dies (He surely will). Maybe find this one in a corner somewhere later?
Sure, that could be worked in
When are we starting?
Tomarrow :D
Oh.. you don't even know the first thing about madness..
*chuckles evilly*
Foo, I am the Vultureling! I know EVERYTHING about...what was I talking about?
Hmmm... how clueless you are when it comes to madness? I think that's about right
We start in 3.25 hours.
Hey now! I'll be the judge of that! Haha. Probably close to then though, yes.
Well, that's when I can come, so hoping my Vultureling-commands will work.
Umm.. it might be a bit later bro :P
Will create sheet after the RP has started ok???
Later works as well

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