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Scree scree scree
OI! Don't you dare make me brin' out the dakka.
Let's do this!!

LEROY JJJEEENNNKKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it hasnt started yet? i just got home, have to be off by about 4:30... then will be back on sporadically at best
@ MechaGhidrah yeah that's fine.

Will begin in T-minus 50 minutes (or so)
I need a half hour or so. Argh.
The time has come

Let's do this!!

LEROY JJJEEENNNKKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enough said.
At least... I'm assuming it has
Be patient dude, his mom might be yelling at him for something, or he may need to take his dog for a !@#$ ORRRRRR he needs to set the main thread.
I was not trying to be impatient. Sorry if it came off like that. What I meant to say with that post is more, based on what he has told us, at least. Again, sorry for any confusion.
Alright! The thread is up.
I was expecting a more... interesting intro. Not where everyone is just walking right behind each other.

Oh well.
question ... were the rest of the characters in that group drake had following him or are the others still trapped?
Well I considered breaking every character out individually, but i figured that would take a while and people would get annoyed because they couldn't post until they're character was freed, sooo... :P

@Lost Morph no, everyone who is currently on the char sheet is in the room. If more people join within the next bit they will be brought back with him. If not, he will bring no one back.
I'll take that as a yes ... and CR has a compla ... question he should be posting shortly.
Wouldn't a bunch of people be an overly large attraction? They do have security cameras and they'll wonder what's going on... Plus. I doubt a 14 year old girl that is afraid is going to go with a Hydralisk Boy... No offense. Or listen to him.
I return
Well she was startled not afraid, and she's not human. It was just meant to be a vague reference to Jester's character. And all of the people who saw Drake didn't survive. As for the cameras, they haven't exactly been waltzing around the main hallways, they have been using ventilation ducts. You know what, I'm going to edit the intro. Edit will be up shortly

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